Fredericksburg Theft Lawyer

Theft charges are serious matters that can carry substantial jail time and expensive bonds. Attempting to handle these matters without the assistance of a knowledgeable criminal attorney can lead to dire and long-lasting consequences. Therefore it is imperative those accused contact a Fredericksburg theft lawyer as soon as possible–the earlier, the better.

Types of Offenses

When something is taken from an individual or business and is obtained by an act of fraud or misappropriation, it is considered theft. The elements of theft are taking something that belongs to another, without consent, and with intent to permanently deprive the possessor or owner of the item.

Theft charges such as shoplifting and robbery include, but are not limited to:

  • Petit larceny, which is a Class 1 misdemeanor and involves goods worth less than $500
  • Grand larceny, which is a felony charge and involves goods worth less than $500 or a firearm,
  • Embezzlement, for which the potential charges can range depending on the value of property or money that was allegedly stolen,
  • And taking money by false pretenses, which typically involves alleged fraud or deception.

There are a number of theft charges in the Virginia code. An experienced Fredericksburg theft attorney is familiar with these charges and can help their clients understand the charges and penalties they might be facing.


There are numerous consequences in every theft charge. A misdemeanor theft charge has penalties of up to 12-month jail sentence and up to a $2,500 fine, Other consequences to consider might include court costs, restitution, and any other requirements that the court or judge imposes.

The penalty for a felony theft charge is up to 20 years in jail and a possible $2,500 fine. Of course, those facing felony charges also must consider court costs, restitutions, and any other requirements that the court or judge imposes.

A theft attorney in Fredericksburg can help their clients understand what consequences they might be facing and, if needed, take mitigating actions to avoid those penalties or lessen the charges.

Contact a Fredericksburg Theft Attorney

It is best that someone hire an attorney as soon as they are charged. If someone is convicted of a theft charge, they should hire an attorney to make sure that the post-conviction process goes smoothly, to avoid new charges, and/or conditional punishments.

Having a prior criminal conviction for theft increases one’s chances of receiving a harsher sentence if one is subsequently convicted. A conviction also makes one’s word less valuable to a judge or jury and it can impact one’s access to certain employment opportunities.

Because a theft conviction can seriously affect someone’s life, it is important to seek the assistance of a qualified Fredericksburg theft lawyer immediately.

Fredericksburg Theft Lawyer