Fredericksburg Robbery Lawyer

Robbery is defined as taking an item from someone using threat, force, or intimidation. A robbery offense is a felony offense, and a conviction could lead to a lifetime sentence in jail. Hiring an experienced and dedicated Fredericksburg robbery attorney, who is skilled at building theft defenses, is absolutely crucial.

Building a Defense

The main difference between robbery and simple theft is that one of the elements of robbery requires that threat, force or intimidation be used in the theft. Because of the element of force, robbery is, by far, a more serious offense than theft.

A theft charge, although not as serious as robbery, can still be punishable with up to 20 years in jail and thousands of dollars in fines. An experienced criminal lawyer is necessary to avoid such harsh consequence.

The only time to consider taking a plea deal is when the defendant is comfortable with the deal, and the evidence against them is strong enough to make a plea deal a reasonable option.

Every case is different so there is no uniform point in every case that a defense attorney would attempt to negotiate a robbery charge to theft. A robbery may, however, be negotiated to simple theft when the Commonwealth has issues proving a key element of the offense.

When dealing with a robbery charge, a lifetime in jail is a possible sentence, which is too dire to risk being unrepresented. Hiring a Fredericksburg robbery attorney will give the defendant the best opportunity to defend themselves from theses charges.

Evidence in Robbery Cases

Robbery is a felony offense with penalties ranging from five years to life in prison. In a robbery case, the prosecutor must prove that the individual took or attempted to take something from another person. The prosecutor also must prove that the taking was by threat, force, or intimidation.

Every case is different so it is important in every robbery case to gather as much information as possible. Videos, photos, lines-ups, identification, and witness statements would be collected in a robbery investigation. Even the property that is alleged to have been taken may be available and if so, it would need to be viewed and investigated by the Fredericksburg robbery attorney or the attorney’s investigator when conducting a robbery investigation.

A local attorney is familiar with the locality, jury pool, and judges so she or he could better assess your case. From there, a Fredericksburg robbery attorney will develop the best strategy for a defendant by discussing the most realistic outcomes.

Learn How a Fredericksburg Robbery Lawyer Can Help

The stakes in a Fredericksburg robbery trial are too high to have an inexperienced or unqualified attorney fighting for you. Whenever jail time is possible, particularly a lifetime sentence, having a lawyer is necessary.

Zeal, tenacity, and experience are all qualities that a criminal defendant should want in a Fredericksburg robbery attorney. With such a serious accusation, it is imperative to have a fearless advocate by your side that is ready to fight for you.

Meeting with the client to gather information is the first step in preparing a defense to a robbery charge. The attorney needs to determine what happened, who was involved, when it occurred, where it occurred, and how the defendant was involved.

An attorney that is not afraid to take your charge to trial and is not afraid of the prosecutor can gain an advantage because they believe that they can win. The solid ability to fight for you in a trial improves your chances of getting a fair rule plea or a reduced charge. Call now to discuss your situation.

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