Fredericksburg Student Defense Lawyer

When a college student is charged with violating university conduct or academic codes, their future can be jeopardized if they are unable to defend themselves against such charges. For this reason, it is highly essential for parents of students and students themselves to seek legal counsel from a Fredericksburg student defense lawyer if such issues arise. Criminal charges and certain violations can even result in arrest and a criminal record for students.

An experienced criminal attorney who represents college students and their families must have in-depth knowledge of university discipline standards as well as criminal law. Often, students are unable to understand why a college they entrusted with their education would want to ruin their life, but it does happen.

If you or your child is currently facing disciplinary action from a college or university, you may still be able to clear your name and continue your education.

Consequences of Conduct or Academic Code Violations

Conduct code violations can have a variety of consequences, some far more severe than others. Some of these consequences can even result in fines, community services, and in the most severe cases, imprisonment. However, for basic code violations, students may be reprimanded in the following ways:

  • Academic probation
  • Loss of campus housing or other privileges
  • Expulsion
  • Suspension
  • Violations placed on the student record

When a violation is documented on a student record, it will usually indefinitely remain on the record. This can prevent students from being admitted to other academic programs and universities in the future. An inability to gain admission to educational programs or schools can also affect earning potential and career prospects for a student later on in life.

Can an Attorney Help?

Every school has a different conduct code, so students and their families should hire a Fredericksburg student defense lawyer with a history of handling similar cases. A skilled attorney must be capable of crafting a unique legal strategy based on the situation and school of a student. An attorney can also advise students and their parents throughout the entire case.

Attorneys can also act as advocates for their clients. They may be able to broker deals and meet face-to-face with school officials to get charges reduced or dismissed. School disciplinary codes can be strict and nearly impossible to get around, and if a student attempts to challenge them alone, they will more than likely be unsuccessful. This can lead to poor career and academic prospects for a lifetime.

Criminal Charges

Sometimes, school conduct violations and criminal charges go hand-in-hand. Not only can a student be charged with a crime, but the crime they are charged with may cause them to get expelled by their educational institution. A criminal record is often worse than a poor school record, and a criminal charge can result in their:

  • Loss of freedom
  • Inability to find a job or pass a background check
  • Difficulty obtaining housing
  • Inability to vote in federal and state elections
  • Loss of firearm privileges

Since most college students are legal adults, a criminal record can follow them forever unless they can expunge certain charges.

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University conduct codes can be remarkably challenging to comprehend without the help of a legal professional. To make matters worse, they are often vague incredibly strict. If you have been charged with a code violation or criminal act, or you face a Title IX violation, you and your family must take the appropriate actions before it is too late.

Get in contact with a Fredericksburg student defense lawyer to learn more about code violations.

Fredericksburg Student Defense Lawyer