Fredericksburg Sex Crimes Lawyer

There is a stigma attached to sex crimes that has the potential to impact an individual’s job opportunities and housing. In addition, being charged with a sex offense can place constraints on the freedom of the person accused. Every sex crime also involves sensitive and private information that people often do not want to be presented to the public.

With these things in mind, it is imperative that if you are accused of a sex crime you consult with a Fredericksburg sex crimes lawyer as soon as possible to begin investigating the claims of the prosecution and building a defense. An experienced defense attorney can also assist by guiding the accused through the entirety of the legal process and ensuring the damage of their charge is minimized as much as possible. To learn more or discuss what an attorney can do for your case, call today.

Types of Charges

There are a variety of sex crimes in Fredericksburg. Sex crimes are generally defined as a sexual act on a person that has not given or is not capable of giving consent. Common sex crimes are rape, statutory rape, sexual battery, and aggravated sexual battery.

Rape has an incarceration penalty of five years to life. The punishment for statutory rape can be up to five years of incarceration. Sexual battery is a class one misdemeanor, which has a penalty of up to 12 months incarceration. The penalty for an aggravated sexual battery is up to 20 years in jail. All these crimes, however, also have fines and court costs if convicted thereby making important a sex crimes lawyer in Fredericksburg.

Difference from Other Offenses

Investigations for sex crimes are more meticulous and sensitive than investigations may be for other matters. These investigations involve sensitive information and testimonies. When those cases go to trial, they tend to rely more heavily on testimony than on physical evidence.

Sex crime cases can be decided completely on testimonial evidence, which is atypical in most felony cases. Without physical evidence, it is important that a Fredericksburg sex crimes attorney understands how to question and cross-examine witnesses. It is also important that the attorney understands a person’s testimony to provide them with the best defense possible.

Contact a Fredericksburg Sex Crimes Attorney

Due to the severity of the penalties for sex crimes, those accused need an experienced Fredericksburg sex crimes attorney that can advocate on their behalf. The fact that there is a negative stigma associated with a sex crime offender makes it even more important that a person charged with a sex crime has an attorney that they can trust. Sex offenses, by their nature, can be graphic and shocking, so a person needs an attorney that they can build a bond with and be comfortable with.

The more information that an attorney has about a case and about the charges a person is facing, the more tools they have to build the strongest defense possible. Call now to learn how we could help you.

Fredericksburg Sex Crimes Lawyer