Colonial Heights Armed Robbery Lawyer

Armed robbery is a type of robbery which involves the use of a weapon. Under Virginia law, it is illegal for an individual to use a pistol, shotgun, rifle, or another weapon in a threatening manner while committing or attempting to commit murder, rape, forcible sodomy, robbery, carjacking, burglary, or malicious wounding.

If you have been accused of armed robbery, reach out to a skilled robbery attorney immediately. A Colonial Heights armed robbery lawyer could examine your case and determine how to protect your freedom.

Armed Robbery Charges

Colonial Heights armed robbery lawyers know that armed robbery charges are often broken down into two different portions. The first charge is the charge for the robbery itself. The following charges are related to the use of a firearm.

What Happens After an Individual is Charged?

When a person is charged with robbery they are immediately sent to jail. In order to be released from jail they will have to post a bond. However, people charged with an armed robbery are often obstructed from posting a bond.

This is because court believes that this is an individual who is a threat to the community and is bound by statute to protect the community at all costs. The court may therefore order an individual to stay in jail while waiting for their trial. A Colonial Heights armed robbery lawyer could work to allow an individual to post bond and be released from jail while awaiting trial.

Are Armed Robberies Felonies?

Armed robberies are considered felonies, and individuals found guilty of armed robbery will be sentenced to a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment of three years for a first conviction, and to a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment of five years for a second or subsequent conviction. Felonies

Armed Robbery Convictions

After the trial, if a person has been convicted of the use of a firearm, they will be sentenced to jail. An individual who is convicted of armed robbery will lose their right to vote, their right to possess a firearm, and have to pay fines and fees associated with their case.

How an Attorney Can Help

Armed robbery is a serious charge that requires a strong defense. A well-practiced attorney could help by examining the facts of a case, analyzing witness statements, scrutinizing evidence, and find weaknesses in the prosecution’s arguments. Colonial Heights armed robbery attorneys are known to create defenses that make the Commonwealth second guess their argument. They could also negotiate a plea deal for the defendant in some cases.

Contact a Colonial Heights Armed Robbery Lawyer

If you have been involved in a Colonial Heights armed robbery, contact a criminal attorney immediately. Armed robbery is prosecuted vigorously and can carry severe penalties. From having to pay fines, to being sentenced to serve time in jail, to having your future being tarnished, the penalties can be extremely damaging.

Colonial Heights armed robbery lawyers are experienced, well prepared, and zealous advocates. If you have been accused of an offense, contact an attorney today. You deserve to have your freedom protected.