Colonial Heights Prostitution Lawyer 

Prostitution offenses are considered crimes against morals and decency and can have dire legal and social implications. If you are facing a charge of prostitution, of soliciting prostitution, or any other related offense in Colonial Heights or Virginia, seeking the immediate attention of a criminal defense attorney who has an extensive understanding of how to best protect your rights is extremely important. To get started on your defense consult with a Colonial Heights prostitution lawyer today.

How a Colonial Heights Prostitution Lawyer Can Help

Sex crimes and crimes against morals and decency are taken very seriously in Virginia, often resulting in expensive fines, jail time, probation, and other penalties. In addition, being accused of a sex crime like prostitution – without any definite conviction – creates a negative stigma against a person’s character that can affect that person in many possible future endeavors. For that reason alone, hiring a prostitution attorney from Colonial Heights to aggressively advocate for your rights is of paramount importance and should be done as soon as possible.

Our legal team understands the weight a prostitution charge carries and the harsh criminal and collateral consequences that are connected to such charges. Taking all the factors of a situation into account, our resourceful and effective Colonial Heights prostitution lawyers will develop a strong defense strategy that puts the accused in a strong position to contest their charges.

Prostitution Under Virginia Law

Virginia Code section 18.2-346 defines prostitution and its associated penalties. In general terms, prostitution is engaging in sexual acts in exchange for money or other goods of value. The Virginia Criminal Code classifies prostitution as a Class 1 misdemeanor, punishable with up to a year in prison and/or a maximum fine of $2,500.

Prostitution breaks down into many associated crimes where an individual can face the same penalties as a prostitution offense – sometimes even worse penalties – without any sexual conduct actually taking place. Speak to a prostitution lawyer in Colonial Heights to learn more about how prostitution is penalized in Virginia. Some common prostitution-related crimes include:


Solicitation is any behavior that shows the intent to engage in prostitution, such as discussing prices for certain sexual services and is considered equally offensive to the act of prostitution under Virginia Criminal Code.

Aiding Prostitution

The charge of aiding prostitution is defined as transporting anyone to any place for the purpose of prostitution if the person knows, or should have known, the crime was going to take place. An individual can also be charged with aiding prostitution by providing information to another regarding how and/or where to procure the services of prostitution.


In Virginia, a person is guilty of pandering if they receive money from the earnings of a prostitute.


Pimping is managing one or more prostitutes’ activities with clients or facilitating the act of prostitution.


The gravity of penalties imposed for the offenses stated above vary with the severity of the circumstances surrounding the actual charge. Prostitution, solicitation, and aiding prostitution are typically charged as misdemeanors; however, depending on an individual’s situation, a prostitution-related charge may rise to the level of a felony offense. For example, pandering and pimping, are considered Class 4 felonies under the Virginia Criminal Code resulting in fines up to $100,000 and/or a prison sentence of between two and ten years.

Reach Out To a Colonial Heights Prostitution Attorney To Discuss Your Options

If you are currently facing charges of prostitution or a prostitution-related offense and are concerned about the consequences, a skilled Colonial Heights prostitution lawyer could help you navigate the criminal justice system and competently represent you throughout the entire process. Contact our firm today.