Impact of a Criminal Conviction in Colonial Heights

Being convicted of a criminal charge in the state of Virginia could lead to significant impacts on a person’s life and well-being. The impact of a criminal conviction in Colonial Heights generally regards two important matters: housing and jobs. By discussing your record with a talented lawyer, you may be able to help your situation by discussing steps in getting charges expunged.

Impact of a Criminal Conviction on Housing

How a criminal conviction could impact a person’s chances of securing housing may be determined by two things: what the conviction was for and when it occurred. The type of housing, whether public or private, that the defendant is interested in may also play a role in how serious a charge is regarded.

For example, if someone has been convicted of a felony, they may not be eligible for public housing. Additionally, certain drug-related offenses may delay their ability to receive public housing.

In terms of private housing, the ability to gain a place to live may depend on the management of said private housing establishment and how they regard a conviction. For most colleges and universities, housing is considered to be owned by the institution. If someone is convicted of an on-campus crime, such as stealing or a drug-related offense, they could be expelled, which may affect their aid and guarantee of housing.

Seeking Employment

There are no restrictions on questions that could be asked during a job interview, so a person’s criminal history could always be brought up. Virginia is an employment-at-will state, so a criminal record does not per se restrict them from getting a job.

Employers are barred only from restricting a job to someone in one of the protected classes, such as sexual orientation, race, gender, or age. That means an employer could deny a job to someone with a misdemeanor charge on their record or even a speeding ticket.

Examples of Offenses That Could Affect Getting a Job

Normally, any job an individual applies for could be negatively affected by a criminal record, whether it is just for a charge or it is for a conviction. The main causes for denying someone a job in Virginia are felony convictions. The following are common causes that could adversely affect an individual in the hiring process:

Background Checks

There are two ways in which a background check may show criminal history or convictions even though part of the criminal record has been expunged. One is if a criminal charge was dismissed, and the other is if there is still a criminal conviction on record, which is shown regardless of if charges have been expunged.

Contacting a Colonial Heights Defense Attorney

Although many employers in the state of Virginia may not ask a job applicant about past convictions or criminal history, it is still a topic that could come up in the hiring process. A talented expungement attorney may advise you to get your record expunged if they are eligible to avoid the impact of a criminal conviction in Colonial Heights.