How a Gun Attorney Could Help in Colonial Heights

If you are a firearm owner who is not supposed to own a gun, an attorney may be able to help you restore your right to possess a firearm. If you are facing legal penalties concerning guns (whether it be illegal use, shooting, brandishing the firearm, or another charge), a seasoned gun lawyer may help protect your right to bear arms and potentially fight penalties of a firearms charge. A gun attorney could help in Colonial Heights by acting as an advocate and ally during your legal process.

Seeking Advice on Firearm Laws

Individuals do not have to be charged with a gun crime to seek advice from an attorney about gun laws. An attorney could be a quality source of information regarding legal issues associated with firearms. An individual who has questions about what they can or cannot do with their firearm might reach out to an attorney for answers, potentially avoiding any illegal situation.

Why an Attorney is Critical in Criminal Cases

Whenever dealing with any kind of crime, especially guns, no one should ever walk into a courtroom without an attorney. A defendant will be facing police officers and commonwealth attorneys who are going to have the expertise in this area of the law and know how to remove their gun rights or secure a conviction.

It is imperative to hire someone with expertise in order to protect their rights and defend them against the charges. Employing expertise on firearms charges is one way how a gun attorney could help in Colonial Heights.

Building a Firearm Defense in Colonial Heights

A gun defense would be tailored specifically to the individual, the crime with which they are charged, and the facts surrounding that crime. If it is a possession charge, brandishing a gun and making someone afraid, or possession of a firearm by a felon, the attorney could build a defense around the intent of the possessor or on the legal definition of what possession is.

If it is a shooting case or use of a firearm in the commission of a felony case, then the questions are going to be:

  • Whether or not the individual actually committed the offense
  • Whether they the individual that used the firearm
  • If there another felony subsequently committed
  • If they pulled the trigger
  • If the shooting was an accident
  • If the shooting was in self-defense

Everything can change depending on the facts surrounding the crime. Tailoring a defense to your specific situation is another way how a gun attorney could help in Colonial Heights.

A Gun Lawyer May Be Able to Help

If you have been charged with a firearms charge, it may be in your best interest to call and find out how a gun attorney could help in Colonial Heights. A skilled defense attorney may be able to act as an advocate, protecting your rights during the legal process. Call today for a free consultation on your case.