Colonial Heights Firearm Possession Lawyer

Residents in Virginia may wish to carry a firearm for protection purposes and, while many individuals may legally purchase and carry a gun, there is a legal process that they should be aware of before moving ahead. If you are considering purchasing and carrying a firearm, consider speaking with a Colonial Heights firearm possession lawyer.

When people purchase a gun and carry it on their person without first understanding Virginia laws, they may find themselves facing criminal charges. By first speaking with a knowledgeable gun attorney, you could understand your rights and avoid violating any legal statutes regarding gun ownership.

The Process to Legally Possess a Gun

Simply possessing a firearm by a person is not a crime. In fact, the process to legally possess a firearm in Colonial Heights is often an easy one, as most individuals are allowed to own a gun — so long as it is legally purchased. However, to legally carry this firearm, an individual must get a concealed carry permit.

Before this can happen, they must first take a gun safety class. Once this class is passed, a person must then apply for their concealed carry permit at a circuit court. So long as a person does not have a criminal history, they are likely to receive a permit. Only after they have obtained this permit may they lawfully carry their firearm in Colonial Heights.

The Documentation Needed to Carry a Firearm

If a person succeeds in obtaining a concealed carry permit, they must still keep documentation of both their firearm and concealed carry permit. Keeping a permit in their car or wherever a firearm is stored may be helpful to avoid violating any state laws while an individual is carrying their firearm.

While it is not specifically a crime to not have a permit on one’s person, an individual might still be arrested if the police officer is unable to readily identify that they have a permit. Because of these and other circumstances, a Colonial Heights firearm possession attorney could explain these nuances to a person seeking to purchase a firearm.

Are There Any Distribution Laws Regarding Firearms?

The gun laws are more so focused on the possession of firearms than on their distribution. This means that laws against illegal distribution are less frequently discussed. This is because laws restricting possession are often more easily adjudicated in Virginia. Essentially, this means it is considered easier to stop individuals from illegally owning firearms than to try and prohibit their illegal sale. If an individual is unsure of their legal capacity to own a firearm based on any criminal history, it might be important to contact an attorney.

Talk to a Colonial Heights Firearm Possession Attorney Before Carrying a Weapon

Before purchasing or carrying a firearm, it is essential that you understand the gun laws specific to Virginia. Instead of trying to navigate these laws alone, consider contacting a Colonial Heights firearm possession lawyer.

By understanding the laws regarding the ownership of a firearm and legally obtaining a concealed carry permit, you could safely carry a gun without worrying about violating possession laws. For more information about your rights, call today.