Colonial Heights Gun Arrests

The penalties of a gun charge could be serious. You could face jail time, high fines, or both. If you are concerned you may be arrested on a gun charge, it is important to have an experienced attorney by your side who understands every step of the process. From a gun arrest to the litigation process, a seasoned gun lawyer could prove to be a vital asset in your case. Reach out to a legal professional who is knowledgeable about Colonial Heights gun arrests and how to build a strong defense.

Common Causes for Gun Charge Arrests

Gun arrests in Colonial Heights typically take place subsequent to other things:

  • During drug busts when police find guns
  • Where somebody has been shot
  • During a traffic stop where police officers discover an illegal gun

Even if law enforcement has no reason to believe a person has a gun, it is legal for police to ask if they do. Even if someone does not have criminal intent, they may be violating Colonial Heights’ gun laws unknowingly.

It should be noted that there is no law requiring an individual to register a firearm. An individual can have an unregistered gun if it is not a stolen firearm.

What to Do If Being Arrested

If a person thinks they are about to be arrested on a gun charge, they should respectfully resist. An officer might ask them:

  • Can we talk over here?
  • Can you please stand over here?
  • Can you get out of the car?

An individual has the right to say no to all those questions. These situations often come down to “consent” versus “non-consent.” If an officer is arresting someone, they should make it clear that the person is being arrested.

If an officer tells an individual to step out of the car, the individual has the right to say no. However, if the officer reaches in to grab them or touch them, it is important that they do not fight the officer but make it clear that they are not consenting. Once that is clear, they should go with the officer.

Booking Process in Colonial Heights

Once a person is arrested in Colonial Heights, they go before the magistrate. The officer will tell the magistrate what crime they believe the individual has committed, and the magistrate will issue the arrest warrant for those crimes if they agree with the officer.

The magistrate will then discuss the bond status. If they determine that the individual is not a flight risk or a danger to the community, they will release them on bond. Personal recognizance or an unsecured bond means the individual is released without having to pay any money.

A secured bond means they are going to have to pay. Depending on the amount of the secured bond is, they may need a bondsman. A bondsman will release the individual, but they will have to come back to court for the arraignment.

If the authorities do not give them a bond, the defendant will sit in jail until their arraignment date. There, the judge will tell them what they are charged with, what the maximum and minimum penalties are, and then discuss with them if they want a lawyer or not. Rarely, the judge may also change the bond at this time.

The judge will either appoint a lawyer for the defendant, or the defendant would be allowed to hire their own attorney. Once they have a lawyer, the lawyer can petition the court for a bond hearing, and hopefully, the defendant can be released pending the trial date.

Contact a Lawyer About Gun Arrests in Colonial Heights

If you or a loved one was arrested on a gun charge, you might benefit from contacting a gun lawyer in Colonial Heights. A qualified legal professional could walk you through the litigation process.

If you have questions or concerns regarding Colonial Heights gun arrests or gun laws, a gun attorney could help answer your questions. Call today and schedule a consultation.