Chesterfield County Marijuana Possession Lawyer

Compared to many other types of drugs or controlled substances, marijuana is treated differently and does not carry the same sorts of punishments in Chesterfield. In addition, prosecutors are often very negotiable when it comes to first offender or diversionary programs for marijuana that they otherwise may not be for other types of drugs. In many cases, if a small amount of marijuana is found, a Chesterfield marijuana possession lawyer might be able to get the charge either reduced or amended to a charge like paraphernalia which does not come with the same sort of penalties.

For this reason, it is important you consult with a Chesterfield drug lawyer as soon as you are facing any type of drug charge in Virginia.

Defending Marijuana Possession Cases

What makes marijuana cases different than other drug cases is the way the courts and prosecutors view marijuana. In many cases, prosecutors in Chesterfield are more open to negotiating resolutions on marijuana cases and might be more open to amending the charge to paraphernalia, or in some cases deferring the charge based on the completion of community service in order to ultimately get the charge dismissed with the help of a marijuana possession lawyer in Chesterfield. All of these factors affect marijuana cases whereas these options would not be available in a cocaine charge or a heroin possession charge.

How Legalization in Other States Has Impacted Chesterfield

The legalization in nearby states is affecting the way the courts view this charge, however, in cases where it is aggravated or tied into other offenses, Chesterfield will still prosecute this very harshly. One thing that has changed due to the relaxed stance on marijuana, is that prosecutors take a more lenient approach on first offender cases or cases where there is a small amount of marijuana. They are more readily open to offering first offender status or even amending the charge to something like paraphernalia.

Long Term Implications

Marijuana, despite being treated less seriously than it has been in the past, still has long term implications if someone is convicted. Possession of marijuana is a Class 1 misdemeanor, making it a criminal offense. This can obviously affect you professionally and personally. In addition, a marijuana conviction comes with an automatic license suspension of six months, which can impact your employment.  While the charge and the impact have lessened over the years, it can still have some long term ramifications and warrants attention from a Chesterfield marijuana possession attorney.

Important Things To Consider

The most important thing everyone should know about being charged with marijuana possession in Chesterfield is that there are still significant penalties for violating this law despite the fact that simple possession is becoming legal in other states. Marijuana possession is still very much illegal in Chesterfield. A conviction for possession of marijuana can result in a jail sentence, a high fine, and a license suspension.