Chesterfield Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

Drug conspiracy charges are charges where two or more individuals work together toward committing a drug offense or distribution case. These differ from simple possession or intent charges because not only is there the drug in question but there is also the clear agreement and/or conspiracy to sell and distribute. Sentencing and possible punishment for a drug conspiracy charge is significantly higher than simple possession or possession with intent, which means consulting with a Chesterfield drug conspiracy lawyer as soon as possible is important.

A drug lawyer in Chesterfield can assist you in putting forth the strongest defense possible and disproving the prosecution’s theory. Call today to learn more.

Burden of Proof

In drug conspiracy cases, the prosecutors in Chesterfield need to prove that two or more individuals agreed to work together to carry out a violation of law. In other words, they need to show that two individuals worked together to either possess or distribute drugs. In addition, the prosecutors have to show that the individual took steps toward committing that crime and that the individuals or the conspirators in such a case both knew of the agreement and intended to commit the crime. Both parties need to have knowledge of what they were doing and the acts they took.

Can You Be Charged With The Conspiracy and the Underlying Offense?

A person can be charged with both the conspiracy and the underlying offense. It is common for the conspiracy charges to be the result of an underlying offense. The prosecution will charge either the possession or the distribution, and charge conspiracy on top of that with the idea that both charges carry significant penalties.

The prosecution tries to charge all of the parties of the conspiracy so that one or more parties work out an agreement to testify against the other conspirators.


Drug conspiracy charges are very serious because the county and prosecutors view these charges as an active agreement between several parties to sell drugs or possess drugs throughout the area. These charges can result in sentences that can range from a 12-month minimum mandatory sentence up to five-year minimum mandatory sentences depending on the drug in question and the amount of drug, making it important that a Chesterfield drug conspiracy attorney is contacted as soon as possible.

Drug Conspiracy Investigations

Direct conspiracy investigations typically involve confidential informants or undercover officers. The investigation must show that two or more individuals had knowledge of the criminal activity and worked together toward that criminal activity or that enterprise. Investigators have to show that both parties were in agreement and both parties were taking steps to work together.  These involve confidential informants, undercover officers, and also involve video or audio tape recordings of exactly what occurred which are all provided and presented to the court.

Hiring a Chesterfield Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

For a conspiracy case, a drug conspiracy attorney in Chesterfield should be very aggressive in challenging the state’s evidence which usually includes testimony from confidential informants, witnesses, undercover officers and in most cases, co-conspirators. The attorney should not be afraid to aggressively challenge these individuals but should also be able to negotiate with the prosecutors to get a reduction of the charges.

The prosecution usually wants one or more of the parties to testify against the ring leader. In cases where the attorney is just handling one of the conspirators and not a ring leader, they can typically work out an arrangement with the prosecutor to have them testify for either a reduced sentence or even a possible dismissal of the charge.