Chesterfield County Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

Drug manufacturing charges are incredibly serious, especially if you are accused of creating a controlled substance such a marijuana, meth, or LSD. If you are accused of participating in the manufacture of illegal drugs at any stage of the process, you could face serious penalties. This could include a long prison sentence, high fines, and the loss of important constitutional rights.

A dedicated Chesterfield County drug manufacturing lawyer has the skills necessary to represent you and defend your case. Let our experienced drug defense attorney seek a positive outcome in your criminal defense.

Defining the Manufacture of Drugs

When a person grows or manufactures an illegal drug, they are facing an incredibly serious offense. Any step in the process of making an illegal drug could be considered drug manufacturing and subject a person to this charge. This might include:

  • Growing marijuana plants
  • Growing plants to be used to make drugs (i.e. coca plants, poppy plants)
  • Harvesting plants
  • Purchasing materials to make drugs
  • Manufacturing synthetic substances for drug use
  • Supplying materials to help make drugs
  • Making methamphetamine or other drugs

These are just a few of countless possible examples. If a person is involved in any part of drug manufacturing, they could be held responsible through a criminal case. If a person in Chesterfield County faces these accusations, they need a competent lawyer to help see them through it.

Classification for Drug Manufacturing

Generally speaking, the classification of the offense will be based on the type of drugs and the quantity of drugs the prosecutor can prove the person manufactured. Penalty ranges can vary widely, and some offenses may result in small fines and no jail time. Prison sentences can range anywhere from less than a year, to up to life in prison for certain serious drug manufacturing offenses. Fines may be as high as $500,000 for serious offenses.

Due to the severe nature of these classifications and penalties, a comprehensive defense of the case is necessary. Many prosecutors overcharge a case, whether on purpose or not. They might not be able to prove drugs in the amount they have charged, or in any amount, depending on the circumstances of the case. This can be hard to sort through and defend without the assistance of qualified legal counsel.

Defending a Drug Manufacturing Case in Chesterfield County

A drug manufacturing case requires a high level of experience and dedication to a person’s legal defense, and many strategies exists for these kinds of cases. Many or most of these defenses may apply to a person’s case, including:

  • Showing that the drug amount is less than the classification charged
  • Prove that the defendant was not involved in drug manufacture
  • Present reasonable doubt to the charges
  • File a suppression motion to keep out illegal evidence
  • Demonstrate mistaken identity
  • Challenge testimony of an officer or other witness

A person in Chesterfield County deserves a robust defense for drug manufacturing charges from a lawyer. While these defenses may be available, tailoring them to the specific situation may make them even more effective.

Reach Out to a Drug Manufacturing Attorney in Chesterfield County

Drug manufacturing charges could lead to decades in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. You need to safeguard your constitutional rights from an overzealous prosecutor. No matter the facts, you deserve to be properly represented against these charges.

To get the representation you deserve, speak with a qualified Chesterfield County drug manufacturing lawyer right away.