Caroline County Stalking Penalties

Stalking is a serious offense in Caroline County, and it is prosecuted as such. The penalties associated with a stalking charge can lead to a felony charge. If you are charged with stalking, getting help from an experienced attorney should be done immediately. To best mitigate potential penalties, a Caroline County stalking lawyer can work hard to help you build your defense.

Potential Penalties

Stalking is a Class one misdemeanor on a first offense. A person is looking at up to 12 months in jail and a fine of up $2,500. Normally, on most misdemeanors, on a first offense, a person can be placed in jail on most first offenses unless there is a mandatory minimum, the Commonwealth is not necessarily going to seek a jail time.

However, stalking is one of those charges in which if a person is convicted of it, the chances of the Commonwealth attorney seeking an active sentence or an active incarceration period is very high because of the nature of the charge and the stigma that comes along with it that an individual who is stalking is dangerous and it can ultimately lead to those bigger felony offenses.

Getting charged with stalking three times within a five-year time period automatically elevates the charge from a Class one misdemeanor to a Class six felony. If an individual finds themselves continuously charged and convicted of stalking on a third and subsequent offense, a person is now looking at a class six felony, which can put them in the penitentiary for up to five years with $2,500 in fines. If a person is charged with stalking and it has ultimately grown into a felony charge, the chance of a person going to jail is very high because it is a compound felony.

Aggravating Factors

Given the nature of a stalking charge, if a person is constantly caught up in this kind of activity the court, will treat their case more severely and the penalties will be harsher. A person has a chance of going to jail for a year or more with a felony stalking offense.

If a person is simply charged with a  stalking misdemeanor, there can be a lot of aggravating factors surrounding the charge. If an alleged victim is testifying and discusses their fear and the activity that has led to the stalking charge, every detail that comes into that courtroom is essential, and if convicted, adding time onto a person’s sentence. A skilled stalking attorney in Caroline County is essential in mitigating these aggravating factors.

Order of Protection

An order of protection is a document issued by a judge from the court requiring someone to stay away from another individual, their family, and that individual’s home. An order of protection is simply a piece of paper that gives an alleged victim or a victim the right to call the police and have someone else arrested if they talk to them, if they make contact with them, or if they talk to family members, make contact with family members, or attempt to do so.

Contact a Caroline County Stalking Lawyer

When dealing with a stalking charge, it is imperative that a person is prepared and has knowledge of the law. A Caroline County stalking attorney can help the defendant analyze and build the best case to get the best results. The penalties for a stalking charge should not be handled alone. You should contact an experienced Caroline County stalking lawyer right away to begin your building your strongest defense in order to obtain a positive outcome in your case.