Building a Defense for Stalking Charges in Caroline County

A stalking charge can have immediate consequences if not handled properly right away. An experienced attorney can help analyze and build a case for a defense. The charges associated with stalking can lead to devastating results. If you need to build a defense for a stalking charge in Caroline County, please contact a stalking attorney today.

Preparing a Defense

Stalking is a charge in which it is imperative to gather as much information from the client to figure out what specifically is going on, and what specific acts are being alleged to have led to the stalking charge. With stalking, there not only has to be multiple incidents in which someone has done some act that has left somebody else in fear for their life, these acts must reasonably lead this other individual to fear. A Caroline County stalking lawyer must learn from their client all the activity that they have been participating in when they are around the individual that could be perceived as placing somebody in fear.

A Caroline County stalking attorney has to gain all of that information out of their client and then they are going to want to file the proper motions to learn what the Commonwealth believes.

Gathering Evidence

While every case is different, it is important in every stalking case that someone is going to want to gather as much evidence as possible. That includes videos, photos, statements that led to the identification, witness statements, statements from their clients, and statements to the police.

All evidence needs to be collected when a Caroline County stalking lawyer is conducting a stalking investigation, even evidence that may not be admissible in court can ultimately lead their client down paths to find proper defenses. Stalking is a case where attorneys will want to collect as much as they can to sift through in order to prepare the proper defense for their client.

Considering Plea Deals

The only time that a person is ever to consider taking a plea deal is when, of course, the client has come through with that deal. The evidence against them is strong and the deal is going to put them in the best possible situation or scenario.

Whenever there is a case, specifically with stalking, that a deal is going to lead to either no jail time or it is going to be amended to a different charge and the client is comfortable with it, it is reasonable, and it is in the client’s best interest, that is when an attorney should take some form of plea deal.

However, that is the only time in which they should take a plea deal and even if it is reasonable, even if they feel it is a positive deal, if their client swears they are not guilty and they do not want a deal, then there is no deal that needs to be made.

Contact a Caroline County Stalking Lawyer

Whenever a person is charged with an offense that not only carries a stigma but is also heavily based in factual nuances, it is imperative to hire an experienced Caroline County stalking attorney who knows how to handle that particular situation because in a stalking case, the Commonwealth attorney is not going to take it easy on an individual. They are looking to put the person in jail because they are looking to protect the peace and dignity of their jurisdiction. If a person does not have a Caroline County stalking lawyer there to protect the person, they will have trouble in court, and ultimately, they can be convicted of that and go to jail.

It is imperative whenever a person is dealing with a situation that carries a stigma and a lot of federal factual nuances that a person is able to protect themselves and the best way to do that is by hiring a lawyer who understands the facts, understands the person situation, and will be prepared to do so. When building a defense in Caroline County for stalking charges, a skilled attorney can be an essential asset.