Amelia County Shoplifting Lawyer

If you were recently accused of shoplifting or any other type of theft charge in Virginia, retaining the services of an Amelia county shoplifting lawyer could help to prepare you for what to expect and minimize the chances of possible missteps on your part early on in the case.

Do not assume that because shoplifting is one of the less serious theft charges that you would not face serious penalties on conviction. Having a theft charge on your criminal record, even if it was shoplifting, could deter employers from hiring you in the future based on the perception that you are dishonest. Make sure you take your charges seriously and look into options to refute these allegations shortly after being charged by contacting a skilled attorney.

Basics of Larceny and Theft Charges

Most theft and larceny charges in the state of Virginia are categorized as a misdemeanor or a felony offense and this is based on the dollar amount in question. In the event that the amount is less than $500, this is a class 1 misdemeanor known as petit larceny. However, charges of larceny and theft including shoplifting that involve amounts more than $500 will be elevated to grand larceny.

Any form of a criminal record could have a significant impact on a person’s reputation and employment options. This is true even for a seemingly minor offense such as shoplifting.

Virginia Code Section 18.2-103 outlines the offense of shoplifting and states that this involves the intention of converting merchandise or goods to his own or another’s use without having to pay the full price. Shoplifting is frequently prosecuted similar to other Virginia larceny charges.

Defending Against Shoplifting Charges

Retaining a criminal defense attorney could be the first step for a person who has been accused of shoplifting to take this situation seriously and fight back to protect their freedom and their future.

Potential defense to shoplifting includes lack of intent and mistaken identity. In some cases, a shoplifting lawyer in Amelia county could help to fight for reduced charges by showing that the value of the merchandise in question was less than $500.

For a first-time shoplifting charge, a disposition could apply which means that the case could be dismissed with a clean record upon completion of any probationary terms.

The unique facts and circumstances of each case will determine whether or not a first offender disposition is available for anyone who has been accused of shoplifting in a retail setting.

How an Amelia County Shoplifting Attorney Can Help

Unfortunately, cases of shoplifting are not as open and shut or as clear cut as many people who have been accused of them might expect. This means that you could benefit from retaining the services of a criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with allegations of shoplifting and who is prepared to fight back based on the severity of the charge and the possibility of dismissal.

All defense options could be explored following an initial consultation with an attorney who is familiar with some of the most common pitfalls as it relates to shoplifting allegations.

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