Using Radar Detectors in Richmond

The everyday driver should not be using radar detectors in Richmond and if that is discovered by law enforcement, the individual could face criminal consequences. A skilled speeding ticket attorney can help you defend any traffic violations you may be accused of.

What is a Radar Detector?

A radar detector is a device that civilians can purchase at any auto body shop. These radar detectors detect any police officer’s radar near them. These operate by essentially emitting a frequency, or by detecting different radio frequencies in their surrounding area. This is how they pick up the radio frequencies of police radars. It is illegal to have a radar detector in an individual’s vehicle in the city of Richmond.

Important Information about Radars

People should know that radar detectors are illegal in Richmond. A driver using radar detectors in Richmond can often be used as a pretext to pull someone over for other crimes. Generally speaking, it is the job of the civilian or the motorist to get to where they are supposed to go without any police interaction.

It is much safer and easier just to remove the radar detector from the window and unplug it from its power source than it is to have to deal with the police. A simple stop for a radar detector can easily turn into a search, among other things. At the end of the day, the wise thing to do is to remove the radar from the car window and avoid any police interaction.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

One of the biggest mistakes an individual can make is to come from a place where radar detectors are legal and to assume that that gives someone the right to use one in Richmond. Second, people also think that simply removing the radar detector from the dashboard is enough to defeat the charge, when that is not the case.

People think that only unplugging the radar is enough to defeat the charge as well. People have a habit of thinking they can talk their way out of any ticket, which can get somebody in trouble.

Getting in Touch with an Attorney

An attorney has seen cases where law enforcement seizes a device after discovering how they have been using radar detectors in Richmond. If it is taken, a lawyer could work to get it back. A lawyer will also assist in the trial process for possessing an illegal radar detector.

A lawyer will examine the particular facts and circumstances and work to achieve the best possible outcome for the individual. Radar jammers are very similar to radar detectors and are also illegal in Richmond. Radar jammers are designed to scramble a police officer’s radar as to affect the way that they are able to work. This is why they are just as illegal as radar detectors.