Richmond Speed Traps

A speed trap or speed zone is an area where officers place themselves because there’s a high likelihood that someone may be speeding. This could be a downhill stretch of road, an area where there is a drop in the speed limit or some other place where there’s a likelihood of someone exceeding the speed limit. Officers will place themselves in these areas to catch violators.

One of the byproducts of speed traps is some revenue for the city or state. However, the main reason for speed traps is safety. They are usually put in place where there have been either a number of accidents or complaints from citizens regarding individual speed. Primarily, speed traps exist throughout the area to ensure the people’s safety.

Someone who has been caught in a speed trap may want to contest the ticket they received. In such cases, they should contact an experienced Richmond speeding ticket lawyer to help them out. A local lawyer will understand how the process works in Richmond and can provide valuable insight into your case.

Kinds of Speed Traps

There are different kinds of speed traps. Some speed traps are set up in what are called the highway safety corridors, of which there are a number in the City of Richmond. Other speed traps occur in residential areas where there have been a number of complaints. These are referred to as speed zones. Both of these types of speed traps are quite common throughout the Richmond area.

Officers do wait in areas where there are changes in the speed limit. Usually, the reason for the change in speed limit is either that there have been a number of accidents in that area or that you’re entering a residential zone. Officers will routinely post themselves in these areas to try to catch violators.

You have to slow down immediately where there’s a speed limit change. When there’s a significant change in the speed limit, there will always be a sign notifying you that there is a reduced speed ahead. It is a Richmond driver’s obligation to be aware of this and to change their speed accordingly when they reach the sign for the new speed limit.

Examples of Speed Traps in Richmond

Some of the common areas for speed traps in Richmond are right outside the city, whether you’re coming north or south into the city. There, the speed limit drops from 70 down to 55 along Interstate 95 through the city. Officers will routinely post themselves in the areas where the speed limit drops down 55 in order to catch violators. The reason that the speed reduces is that you’re going through the city, so there’s a lot of traffic coming on and off the interstate and that makes it a safety issue.

How Being Caught in a Speed Trap Influences Your Case

In general, being caught in a speed trap does not serve as a defense. However, it can sometimes hurt your case if the violation occurred in an area where they’ve had a number of complaints. That’s because the judge may be looking to impose a stiffer penalty to deter other violators. Typically, these are situations where speed limits are clearly posted and an individual simply wasn’t paying attention to the change in speed.

What Everyone Should Know About Richmond Speed Traps

One of the main things to know about speed traps in Richmond is just how common they are. The speed limit throughout the city varies dramatically. It is always in your best interest to pay attention to the various speed changes on the road and always be aware of the speed limit on the road that you are traveling on. While there aren’t that many defense against being caught in a speeding trap, each case is different. To find out whether you would have a valid legal excuse for getting caught in a speed trap, speak with an experienced Richmond speeding ticket attorney today.