Evidence in Richmond Sex Crimes Investigations

Someone facing sex crimes charges may have to register as a sex offender and serve time in prison. Prosecutors take sex crimes seriously and they want offenders to face the consequences. This is why the defendant needs someone who can assist them in gathering evidence in Richmond sex crimes investigations. If you have been arrested for a sex crime, contact an accomplished lawyer who could help you by building a viable defense. Call today to get started on your case.

Agencies Involved With Investigations

The agencies that are usually involved in the investigations of sex crimes are the Child Protective Services (CPS), police department, and the vice squads. The vice squads are there to assist with finding the evidence in Richmond sex crimes investigations. If the charges go federal, then the FBI can get involved, but they rarely do. Most of the time, the defense attorney is working with the CPS, the police department, and the prosecutors.

Testimonial and Physical Evidence

There are two types of evidence in Richmond sex crimes investigations: testimonial and physical. The first thing the prosecutors are going to need is a story of what happened. Most of the time, the story is going to come from the person who is alleging the sex crime took place. They go to the police and make a sworn statement about the crime that took place.

When dealing with minors, those statements are normally going to be through CPS. The CPS brings in a child, talks to them, and puts them in a warm and safe environment where they feel comfortable and know that they are not going to be harmed.

Depending on what the testimonial evidence, the investigating body is going to then look for the physical evidence to back up the claim. In rape cases, they are going to do a rape kit. depending on how long ago the incident occurred. With child-type cases of sodomy, the investigators are going to look for any signs of trauma, physically and mentally.

Sex Crimes Arrests

Most of the time, a thorough investigation is going to take place before the arrest. But it depends on the crime and the danger that the alleged criminal poses to society or to the accuser. It is easier to investigate someone when they do not know they are being investigated. If someone accused of a sex offense is not posing harm, the investigators are going to take their time in their investigation. Usually, there is a long investigation prior to the arrest.

However, if the alleged criminal is dangerous and the allegations are heinous then the pre-arrest investigations are very short. If the person is accused of rape, then the arrest would be made quickly. Once someone is arrested, they are going to be informed with the what they are being charged with and what kind of jail time they may be looking at. While the person is in jail awaiting a preliminary hearing, the prosecutors look for more evidence in Richmond sex crimes investigations to build a case.

Richmond Sex Crimes Investigations