Richmond Sex Crimes Investigations

In Richmond, sex crimes are investigated in a number of different ways and often require a more in-depth analysis than other types of cases. Sex crimes cases often start with an individual coming to make a statement and/or typically other officials or law enforcement identifying an issue of sexual abuse and opening up an investigation. These cases are investigated through a sex crimes unit consisting of detectives who also use the assistance of other agencies such as social services and child protective services. If you have been contacted by any of these agencies and believe you may be under investigation, it is imperative to consult with a skilled Richmond criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to begin building your defense. Read on to learn more about Richmond sex crimes investigations, as well as the benefits of retaining a reliable Richmond sex crimes attorney early on in your case.

What to Expect in Richmond Sex Crimes Investigations

Normally speaking, sex crimes investigations are going to be more meticulous and more sensitive than investigations into other matters. They will also take more time. While detectives are going to be involved, know that child protection services will not be contacted unless there is a minor involved in the case. Doctors and nurses are also going to be important as they will provide any physical evidence from a medical examination or rape kit after the event. Sensitive information will be given as testimony when these cases go to trial. In Richmond, these cases tend to rely more heavily on testimony and testimonial evidence as opposed to evidence that is physical in nature. This is when an experienced Richmond sex crimes lawyer is needed to help figure out ways to build the best defense based upon the critical details present in a case.

What Kind of Evidence is Sought After in a Sex Crime Investigation

In sex crimes cases, the prosecution is trying to establish a detailed statement from the individual making the accusation about what occurred as well as when and how the event took place. They are also looking for any corroborating evidence to support that individual’s claims, whether that be independent witnesses, forensic evidence, or pictures and videos. In order to collect this evidence, the prosecution will use a number of tools and tactics to collect evidence for a sex crime. This includes seeking DNA, forensic evidence, and subpoenas to obtain DNA or blood samples from those involved. The prosecution will then use these tools along with personal statements to show that the alleged attack or contact actually took place.

What Agencies or Divisions Handle Sex Crimes Investigations

A number of different agencies handle sex offense investigations. The Richmond City police and their investigative units will be involved and are in charge of assigning detectives to investigate. In addition, social services and child protective services will routinely contribute to these investigations. In cases involving minors, school officials who have been trained to recognize and identify clues or characteristics of sexual abuse will often be asked to give testimony as well.

Investigations Prior to Arrests

Investigations are very common prior to arrest in sex offense cases. In these cases, investigators are looking for more than just a statement from the individual making the accusation. Investigators will work to corroborate these statements using physical evidence, background investigations, and use of personal effects such as clothing, computers, phones etc. These investigations often involve several agencies and can take some time even before an arrest takes place.

Contact An Experienced Richmond Sex Crimes Lawyer

An expert Richmond sex crimes attorney is very important in sex crimes cases because of how pre-investigation or pre-charge investigations occur. A weathered lawyer can review the facts and the statements prior to speaking with law enforcement. In addition, a seasoned attorney can speak to investigators on your behalf and/or sit down with you while you speak to the police to make sure that the statements are correct and that your rights are being protected. If you are facing criminal charges, reach out to a professional Richmond sex crimes lawyer today to learn more about Richmond sex crimes investigations and how you can be prepared to plan your best defense.

Richmond Sex Crimes Investigations