Building a Defense For Sex Crimes Charges in Richmond

Below, a Richmond sex crimes lawyer discusses the various aspects of building a criminal defense for a sex crimes case, and what kind of factors you can expect will be involved. To learn more or to start building a defense for your case, call and schedule a consultation today.

What Are Some of The First Things A Richmond Sex Crimes Attorney Will Look For When Building a Defense?

The first thing an attorney will look at in a sex crimes case is the statements of the victim. An attorney will want to examine those statements to determine the amount of truth, if there are any holes in the story, if any alcohol or drugs were involved, or if the accuser has any ulterior motives.

Next the attorney will want to see what physical evidence exists to show that a crime occurred or that the alleged victim and defendant had contact. This includes things such as the findings of forensic units and rape kits if they were done.

The First Questions An Attorney Will Ask

One of the first questions any sex crimes attorney will have is what the basis of the relationship with the alleged victim was and what statements the defendant originally gave to investigators. Then the attorney will want to know of any interactions with the alleged victim that could have resulted in a claim and if this person had any personal grudges or animosity. Following those questions it is important to establish if any evidence was obtained from property such as phones, computers, or DNA.

Building a Defense For Sex Crimes Cases

An attorney builds a defense strategy by thoroughly reviewing the facts of the case and the statements of the individual’s involved in the case. An attorney needs to determine if the statements of the victim are believable and if any physical evidence exists to connect our client to the crime.

This is done by examining the history of the claiming party to determine if any mental or criminal issues exist that could impeach their testimony. In developing the defense an attorney will also want to establish if any contact was consensual and or if this is a case of mistaken identity. Furthermore, it is important to determine that if an actual incident took place what steps can be taken to negotiate a settlement with the prosecutors to resolve that matter in a way to benefit our client.

Specific Factors Involved in Building a Defense For Sex Crimes

There are a variety of factors that need to be considered when building a defense for a sex crime. Among these factors are:

  • Statements and behaviors of the alleged victim: An attorney will want to know the believability of the victim and if they have made inconsistent statements.
  • Any physical evidence that was obtained: To determine if any physical evidence that was obtained is inconclusive or does not implicate a crime occurred.
  • History of the alleged victim: which an attorney will look at the see if there is a history of false claims or erratic behavior.