How Are DUI Cases Handled in Richmond?

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In Richmond along with the other local counties in the area here, DUI cases are handled fairly strictly. In the city of Richmond they have a zero tolerance policy on DUIs. They prosecute them vigorously because of the public safety interests in the city.  You also have a significant college student population in the area and issues of involving alcohol and driving are common.

They handle it very strictly, they’re always out patrolling, and every weekend they’re out doing various checkpoints and trying to sniff out DUIs.

Common DUI Enforcement Areas in Richmond

Prominently it’s typically in the city area on Broad Street, Main Street, Cary Street as well as 95.

There’s also an area called Shockoe Bottom and Shockoe Slip, where a lot of the clubs and bars are located; therefore, a high police presence and numerous DUIs are in that part of Richmond.

What Should Someone Expect From the Court System Itself in Richmond?

Well, Richmond is unique in how they prosecute DUIs, especially first offense DUIs. They’re very strict and they have requirements other jurisdictions do not.   On a first offense DUI, even if it’s a very standard DUI with a BAC between .08 to .15, the judge’s will require you to spend the afternoon in jail. .

That is unique. Throughout the state, Richmond is probably one of the only areas where the judges require that.

How Do Judges View DUI Cases in Richmond?

The judges are very strict in their enforcement as I just alluded to. They will not simply reduce the charges on their own; they are very strict in the enforcement of the penalties for DUIs and will often impose heavier punishments where the facts are aggravated.

If we come to an agreement with the prosecutor to reduce the DUI, the Judges will want to know specifically why a charge is being reduced.   They want to know what the legal arguments were and in some cases they’ll even ask to hear the argument as to why a prosecutor agrees to reduce the DUI charge.

Are DUIs Prosecuted Intensely in Richmond?

They are. The prosecutors take the stance issued by the judges and will not reduce a DUI unless there’s a very specific and good legal argument to get a matter reduced. If there are no strong defense issues to raise, they will move to impose the initial penalties and move forward.  They will not simply reduce a charge based on good behavior or character; a defense attorney will have to provide strong legal arguments to question the strength of their case. . In order to get a DUI reduced in Richmond you’re attorney will need to provide a legal position to get it reduced and then they’ll have to present that to the judge.

Our Approach to DUI Cases in Richmond, Virginia