Richmond Roommate Violence Lawyer

An individual can be charged with domestic violence if the alleged victim currently lives with the accused or lived with them within the past 12 months. A household member may include a spouse, child, grandparent, parent, sibling, halfsibling, stepfamily member, or an in-law.

Additionally, if either party has a child in the home, this could be considered a roommate for the purposes of domestic violence. If charged, an accused individual’s case may be assigned to the juvenile or domestic relations court.

If law enforcement has charged you with abusing a roommate or household member, you should speak with a skilled attorney. A Richmond roommate violence lawyer could review the circumstances surrounding your case and determine what course of legal action may render the best outcome.

Consequences for Assaulting a Roommate

The immediate criminal consequences of roommate violence may include arrest, being held in police custody, and possibly having to move out of their residence, if only temporarily. Depending on the accused individual’s employment position, they may lose their job or be obligated to report to their employer that they are being charged with a criminal offense.

The long-term consequences for a conviction are the addition of a violent crime on their record and a possible fine of $2,500 to $100,000. If the convicted individual is a felon, they may lose their right to vote, to possess a firearm, and they may have to find a new place to live. A Richmond household violence lawyer could explain the potential consequences of roommate violence to a defendant depending on their situation.

Protection Against Being Falsely Accused

If an individual is falsely accused of roommate violence, they can protect themselves by recording their conversations and using their phone to document any incidents. They can take note of exactly what occurred the moment that the incident in question happened and present their documentation to their Richmond roommate violence attorney. A falsely accused individual also can call the police, so long as they present themselves as calmly and trustworthily as possible when they meet with the officer.

Contact a Richmond Roommate Violence Attorney

If you are facing allegations of attacking someone you live with, you should consider contacting a Richmond roommate violence lawyer. They could explain whether the charges against you are for domestic violence or another form of assault. Additionally, if you do not contact an attorney, this could place you at a disadvantage as going through the legal process can be difficult without a legal advisor. If you need help building a defense, call today.