Richmond Spousal Abuse Lawyer

Spousal abuse is a domestic assault of or any violent act toward a marital partner specifically, as opposed to any other household or family member. In instances of spousal abuse, a case may be assigned to juvenile and domestic relations court, rather than the general district or circuit court.

These cases may involve many legal and emotional complications because of the nature of the relationship between the two parties. As a result, these cases can be difficult to handle without a skilled domestic violence attorney by your side. An experienced Richmond spousal abuse lawyer could help you through these challenges and work to minimize any consequences you may be facing.

Potential Outcomes and Penalties

If law enforcement may arrest an individual if they suspect, this person if abusing their partner. Once arrested, this person may receive a summons and then be released as they await their court date. The charge this individual may receive is domestic assault of a wife or husband.

This offense is a Class 1 misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and a $2500 fine. Additionally, an accused individual may be subject to a protective order issued against them, which could impact their daily life and could inhibit their ability to live at home until a judge resolves their case.

When an accused individual appears in court, they can either plead not guilty and have a trial or be placed in a first offender program. However, a judge may only offer this program if the defendant has not previously appeared before the court for a similar offense.

The first offender program lasts for two years and includes a probationary period. Additionally, anger management classes and community service may be mandatory for the accused individual. If they receive no additional charges during the probationary period, a judge may dismiss the case against them. A Richmond lawyer familiar with spousal abuse cases could explain the potential consequences and outcomes to a defendant.

What to Expect When Facing Allegations of Spousal Abuse

A person accused of abusing their marital partner can expect the possibility of being arrested, held with bond or released. A judge may order an accused individual to leave their home for a period of time, depending on the allegation against them.

The accused individual might find themselves inconvenienced and experiencing emotional distress during this time. Therefore, it is important to get in touch with a Richmond spousal abuse attorney who could work hard to achieve a more optimal outcome for the defendant.

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If you have been accused of physically or emotionally abusing your marital partner, you must speak with a Richmond spousal abuse lawyer. A knowledgeable attorney could explain the statutes surrounding these acts of aggression and the possible ramifications of the charge such as this one.

A legal professional also could discuss your particular case with you and help assist you while navigating the legal system. For help building a case in your defense, schedule an initial case consultation with one of our well-practiced defense attorneys.