Reckless Driving By Vehicles Not Under Control In Petersburg

Reckless driving by vehicles not under control in Petersburg means the individual being charged is alleged to have operated a vehicle in a way that endangered the life, limb or property of another while simultaneously not controlling the vehicle. Most of the time, this is charged in a case when someone crossed the lines outside fo the road in a single-car accident. If you have been charged with reckless driving a vehicle not under control, contact a seasoned lawyer today.

Evidence Presented

Normally in these types of cases, the evidence that is presented is from testimonies. The testimonies are either statements by the individual who caused the accident, other individuals who are involved in the accident, and/or witnesses to the accident. The major way the evidence can be refuted is through the statement of the defendant, evidence offered by any other witnesses, or timely objections made during trials that can keep certain evidence out that would otherwise be admitted.

Legal Excuses For Vehicle Not Being Under Control

There are legal excuses for someone charged with reckless driving by vehicles not under control in Petersburg. There has to be an action or inaction by the driver, knowingly and intentionally, that led to the vehicle not being under control. The Commonwealth has to prove that the vehicle was out of control and that it was the fault of the driver. Medical issues like an unknown seizure, sickness, or any act outside of the control of the driver can be used as either a defense or mitigation for the offense.

Faulty Mechanics

Sometimes reckless driving a vehicle not under control can be the fault of the mechanic who was previously working on the car. If the mechanic did something to alter the way the vehicle drives and the alteration is unknown to the driver at the time of the accident, then the driver can be relieved from the responsibility of the accident.

However, it is the individual’s responsibility to upkeep their vehicle. So a person may not be able to use having faulty breaks or a broken steering as a defense. If someone is driving a car that has a bad inspection sticker, then the person could be looking at a new charge for having the expired inspection.

Pretrial Steps an Attorney Takes

Before the trial, an accomplished attorney will talk with the defendant to get as much information about the nature of the incident. The lawyer wants to know what exactly took place, if it was a single-car or multiple car accidents, and what led to the accident. If the car is taken to a shop after the accident, the lawyer would check to see if there’s anything damaged on the car from beforehand. Also, crash and incident reports are important for the lawyer to check.

Affect on a Commercial Driver’s License

Whenever an individual has a commercial driver’s license and is charged with reckless driving by vehicles not under control in Petersburg, their CDL could be suspended. The court cannot order driving school nor have the case reduced or dismissed. Someone with a DCL and charged with reckless driving charge needs to prepare to do everything they can to get the matter dismissed during a trial. This is why it is essential for someone to hire an attorney as soon as possible when they are facing these kinds of charges.