Speedometer Calibration in Petersburg Reckless Driving Cases 

A speedometer calibration is a sinking speedometer inside of the dashboard of a vehicle that shows the actual speed. Sometimes the speedometer reading inside of the dashboard of a vehicle can be offed and read a different number than the actual speed of the vehicle. When this occurs, you may not necessarily know how fast you were going. It is important to have this problem recalibrated so you will know how fast you are traveling on the road.

If you have been charged with a reckless driving offense and your speedometer was incorrect, contact a seasoned defense lawyer who is experienced with speedometer calibration in Petersburg reckless driving cases. A reckless driving offense can result in harsh penalties, which is why you need an accomplished attorney by your side when you are fighting charges.

Speedometer Calibration as a Mitigating Factor

Speedometer calibration in Petersburg reckless driving cases can be very important when it comes to negotiating and attempting to mitigate charges. The judges and the Commonwealth attorney’s office are reasonable and may be more willing to work with an individual’s whose speedometer was off. For example, someone may have been charged for going 82 mph, however, their speedometer read 77 mph. When this happens, the prosecutor may offer a plea agreement to the reckless driving offender. They could also reduce the charges to a regular speeding ticket or dismiss the charges altogether.

However, speedometer calibration is the responsibility of the individual driving the vehicle. Even if a person does not know how fast they are going, it is not an affirmative defense to reckless driving by speed. That being said, the speedometer being off could still work as a partial defense when it comes to negotiations.

Where to Get a Speedometer Calibrated

If someone’s speedometer is off, it is imperative that they get their speedometer calibrated. This is not only to avoid getting charged with reckless driving but also for safety precautions. Getting the speedometer calibrated could help protect a person’s driving record and help them refrain from receiving heavy penalties. An individual can get their speedometer calibrated at most car maintenance shops. It is not an expensive procedure and should cost less than $100. If someone is having trouble finding a place that offers to fix someone’s speedometer, they should contact an experienced attorney.

How an Attorney Can Help

Speedometer calibration in Petersburg reckless driving cases can be complex, which is why you should seek the services of a dedicated defense attorney if you are facing reckless driving charges. A lawyer could negotiate with the prosecutors to get the charges either mitigated or dropped. Legal counsel could also help you find a place that could get your speedometer calibrated so that you could avoid future speeding charges. This is important to protect your driving record so that you do not ever have to face a driver’s license suspension. Do not hesitate to contact an attorney to see how they could assist your situation. Call today to schedule an initial consultation with a dedicated reckless driving defense lawyer.