Petersburg Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

While all drug charges are aggressively pursued by prosecutors in Petersburg, manufacturing cases are often a top priority. Unlike individuals that possess drugs for personal use, manufacturers intend to supply a wide range of people with illegal substances.

Much like the police, prosecutors also often aggressively pursue manufacturing convictions. If you face allegations of drug manufacturing, a dedicated drug attorney might be able to help both in and out of court. It could be in your best interest to discuss your options with a Petersburg drug manufacturing lawyer as soon as possible.

Understanding Drug Manufacturing Charges

Drug manufacturing is the act of creating, growing, or making a controlled substance that has been outlawed by state or federal law. The specific act of manufacturing can vary depending on the substance in question. Manufacturing charges could apply to a marijuana-growing operation or to a lab that makes LSD.

There are often many steps involved in the creation of a controlled substance. When it comes to marijuana, there are steps for growing, picking, and drying the plant before it can be sold. Anyone involved in any of these steps could face potential drug manufacturing charges.

Penalties for Drug Manufacturing

Drug manufacturing charges are treated differently from simple possession charges and they usually carry much steeper sentences. A manufacturing charge is always considered a felony and in some cases a conviction could result in decades behind bars.

The penalties involved will also depend on the type of substance being manufactured, as well as the volume of drugs that are discovered by the police. It should come as no surprise that larger operations are likely to result in steeper penalties. Additionally, street narcotics will often result in heavier sentences compared to the manufacturing of drugs that are lower on the drug schedules.

It is vital to remember that while allegations of drug manufacturing are serious, a conviction is never certain. Many defendants successfully fight back against these charges and win. A drug manufacturing attorney in Petersburg could put a defendant in the best position possible to avoid a conviction.

Potential Defenses in a Manufacturing Case

Beating a drug manufacturing charge is possible with the right defense. There are numerous defense options available in these cases but determining the right one will depend entirely on the facts of the case. A drug manufacturing lawyer in Petersburg could evaluate each defense option and advise on whether it makes sense for the facts at hand.

Many drug manufacturing cases are built on large-scale drug busts. However, the evidence found during a search could be thrown out at trial if it turns out the search was made illegally. The police cannot simply search the car, home, or body of a person without probable cause or a warrant. An illegal search could result in all of the evidence being thrown out.

In some situations, the state does not have enough evidence to prove their case. When this occurs, it is often best to avoid attempting to put on an affirmative defense and simply highlight the weakness of the state’s case.

Call a Petersburg Drug Manufacturing Attorney Right Away

If you have been accused of drug manufacturing, you have a choice to make regarding your defense. Your defense strategy could provide you with the best chance of avoiding a conviction or securing a reasonable plea bargain. Before you consider a plea offer, let a Petersburg drug manufacturing lawyer advise you on your case. Call now to get started.