Petersburg Drug Distribution Lawyer

Virginia carries an array of stiff penalties for the possession of controlled substances. These penalties can be far harsher for a person accused of possessing drugs with the intent to distribute them to others.

If you are currently facing allegations of drug distribution, a skilled drug attorney could help you fight those charges in court. Before you consider a plea bargain or take your case to trial, you could benefit from a discussion with a Petersburg drug distribution lawyer who could look out for your best interests.

What is Drug Distribution?

The offense related to distribution of a controlled substance is governed by Virginia Code § 18.2-248. This statute provides the penalties for a large range of criminal activities related to controlled substances beyond simple possession charges. Specifically, this statute outlaws distributing a controlled substance or possessing with the intention to distribute. A Petersburg attorney could help defend against allegations of drug distribution.

Despite the existence of this statute, there is no clear definition of the word “distribution” under the law. Instead, judges have the discretion to consider an array of factors and decide if a person has committed a criminal act. These factors include:

Quantity of Controlled Substance

The quantity of the controlled substance in question is an important factor in distribution cases. When a person is arrested with a small amount of illegal drugs, the police are likely to treat the drugs as if it were intended for personal use. Larger amounts of drugs are more likely to lead to charges of distribution.


The method in which the drugs are packaged is also an important factor when it comes to criminal charges. When drugs are stored together, it could be easier to make the case they were intended for personal use. However, drugs that are packaged individually are a likely sign of intended distribution.


The other evidence present along with a controlled substance will also determine if distribution charges are filed. For example, the presence of small bags or scales could be used as evidence of intent to distribute.

Penalties for Drug Distribution in Petersburg

A drug distribution attorney in Petersburg could explain the different factors that impact the potential penalties for conviction. The type and amount of the controlled substance will play an important part in setting the sentencing range for this offense. Additionally, a defendant’s prior convictions will also impact the potential sentence.

Distribution of Schedule I or II drugs—the substances with the tightest controls under state law—can carry up to 40 years in Virginia state prison and a fine of up to $500,000. Schedule V drugs, which are the lowest levels of controlled substances, can still carry serious penalties. A conviction for distributing a Schedule V drug could lead to as much as 12 months in jail and a maximum fine of $2,500.

There is a wide range of possible penalties when it comes to drug distribution charges. A Petersburg attorney could evaluate the facts of a case and advise a person facing these charges of their potential criminal liability.

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Possession with the intent to distribute is one of the most serious drug charges under Virginia law. Depending on the facts of your distribution case, you could be facing decades in prison in the event of a conviction. You could give yourself the best chance at avoiding a conviction with the help of a Petersburg drug distribution lawyer. Call now to begin building your defense.