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Facing charges of reckless driving can be very stressful. A conviction for reckless driving can result in suspension or loss of one’s driver’s license, which can adversely impact a person’s ability to get to work, school, or other important appointments on time. Fortunately, you do not have to face reckless driving charges on your own.

A New Kent reckless driving lawyer could assist you throughout all legal proceedings and help you fight for the best legal outcome possible. Call today to learn about how a seasoned traffic attorney could help you.

Laws on Reckless Driving in Virginia

Reckless driving is outlined in Chapter 8 of Title 46.2 of the Code of Virginia, Title 46.2 covers laws pertaining to motor vehicles, while Chapter 8 specifically addresses the regulation of traffic. Under the law, reckless driving is defined as driving a vehicle in a manner that endangers the life, limb, or property of another person. This means that reckless driving can include speeding.

However, the manner in which a person is driving can still be considered reckless even when adhering to the speed limit if it puts others in danger.

There are several actions that are considered to be reckless driving under the law, such as driving aggressively or racing another vehicle. Driving a vehicle with faulty brakes can also be considered reckless. An attorney for reckless driving in New Kent could provide additional details about the different types of reckless driving described in the legal code. Examples of specific actions that can constitute reckless driving under Virginia law include:

  • Failing to use proper signals when driving
  • Driving faster than the posted speed limit
  • Passing a stopped school bus
  • Passing another vehicle on a curve
  • Passing another vehicle at a railroad crossing

Legal Penalties for a Reckless Driving Conviction

The legal penalties for convictions of reckless driving in New Kent range from a jail sentence of 12 months or less and a fine of $2,500 or less for offenses classified as Class 1 misdemeanors (see § 18.2-11) to a prison sentence of 1-5 years and a fine of $2,500 or less for offenses classified as Class 6 felonies (see § 18.2-10). Most convictions for reckless driving in New Kent that do not involve aggravating circumstances are Class 1 misdemeanors. A reckless driving charge can be elevated to a Class 6 felony when the accused individual was driving without a valid driver’s license at the time of the offense and caused the death of another individual as a result of driving recklessly.

It is possible for charges of minor instances of reckless driving, where there is only slight culpability, to be reduced to charges of improper driving, which is a traffic infraction rather than a criminal offense. The legal sanction for improper driving is a fine of $500 or less. A New Kent reckless driving lawyer could help individuals facing reckless driving charges better understand the laws on reckless driving, as well as the penalties for convictions.

How an Attorney for Reckless Driving Could Help

There are several ways an attorney for reckless driving in New Kent could provide assistance to a person facing reckless driving charges. A knowledgeable lawyer provides legal counsel and answers any legal questions the individual facing charges might have. An attorney could also explain the specific charges against a person, as well as explain the possible legal penalties for a conviction.

When a person charged with reckless driving hires a lawyer, the lawyer represents that individual during all legal proceedings. Other services provided by New Kent reckless driver lawyers include filing documents with the court, as needed, preparing an appropriate defense, and fighting to achieve the best legal resolution possible for the individual charged with reckless driving.

Reach Out to a New Kent Reckless Driving Lawyer

It can be overwhelming attempting to deal with charges of reckless driving on your own. Navigating the legal system can be complicated and confusing and it is not always clear what to expect at each phase of the legal process.

An attorney could help you throughout the entire process, including fighting for a satisfactory legal resolution. Contact a New Kent reckless driving lawyer for assistance and representation today.

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