New Kent Robbery Lawyer

In New Kent, a robbery is defined as the taking of another’s property by means of threat, force, or intimidation. A robbery is a felony offense and carries anywhere from five years to a lifetime in prison. In order to prove this charge, a prosecutor must prove that the individual took or attempted to take something from another. They must also prove that the taking was done by means of threat, force, or intimidation.

Robbery is a felony offense, and a conviction can lead to a lifetime in prison. The stakes in a robbery charge are too high to have an inexperienced or unqualified attorney fighting for you. Zeal, tenacity, and experience are all qualities you want in a New Kent robbery attorney. With such serious accusations, it is imperative to have a zealous advocate by your side, one who is not afraid to take charge in a trial, and is ready to fight for you.

Preparing a Defense

A New Kent robbery lawyer would begin preparing a defense by meeting with the client to determine all of the facts and information. This is the first step in preparing any thorough robbery defense. An attorney might consider suggesting a plea deal when their client is comfortable with the deal and the evidence against them is strong enough to make a plea deal a reasonable option.

While every case is different, it is important in every robbery case to gather as much evidence as possible, including videos, photos, line-ups, identifications, and witness statements. Even the property of the alleged act may be available and needs to be seen when conducting a robbery investigation.

Differences Between Robbery and Theft

The main difference between robbery and simple theft is the element of threat, force, or intimidation combined with the actual taking. Robbery is the more serious offense. It is viewed in the Commonwealth as a violent offense while theft is a property crime. While every case is different, in certain circumstances a robbery may be negotiated to a simple theft. The Commonwealth may have issues proving a key element of the offense, so negotiations for reduction can occur.

Hiring a New Kent Robbery Attorney

With a robbery charge, the stakes are too high and the outcomes too grave to not hire an attorney. A robbery lawyer in New Kent will be able to work with an individual in court to make sure they get a favorable outcome for their case. It is important to contact an attorney immediately in these cases, since robbery is a serious charge and an attorney is needed for every step of the process. A person should have as much information available as possible when first meeting with a defense attorney. They should not spare any information when contacting a criminal lawyer in regards to a robbery charge.

It can be helpful to work with a local attorney who is going to be familiar with the locality, jury pool, and judges assessing the case. The local attorney can help develop a helpful strategy; and discuss the most realistic outcomes.

Even if a person is only facing a theft charge, while not as serious as robbery, it can still carry up to 20 years in jail and a fine of thousands of dollars. An experienced New Kent robbery lawyer is necessary to avoid the consequences.

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