New Kent DUI Without a License Lawyer

If an individual is caught driving under the influence without a license, they could be charged with both the DUI and with driving on a suspended license or driving without an operator’s license. While fighting both charges in court could be an overwhelming prospect, a New Kent DUI without a license lawyer could help. A seasoned DUI attorney could build a defense case on your behalf.

A Lack of License Could be an Aggravating Factor to the Case

If a person is caught in a DUI situation without a license, the individual will typically receive an additional charge. This automatically places the person in an aggravated situation with having an extra charge to the DUI.

It is aggravating since the individual does not have a license and was not been given permission to drive. The individual may also have put people at risk by driving while under the influence.

Potential for Leniency

If the individual is looking to seek some form of leniency from the court because of the DUI, the court may not show clemency to those who are also accused of driving without the permission of the state. A defendant could speak with a New Kent attorney to understand the chances of leniency in a DUI without a license case.

Driving is a Privilege

Since driving is a privilege and courts understand and operate under that assumption, courts understand that driving is not a right. Before a person is able to drive, they must be given authorization. This permission is only earned after the individual passes certain tests to get their driver’s license.

Number of Cases that Must be Tried in a Driving on a DUI Suspended License Charge

If an individual is charged with a DUI while driving on a suspended license, then it could open up a new case that they must go through. While the person could be charged or tried at the same time, the accused and their DUI without a license attorney in New Kent could make a strategically choice on how to handle the situation.

There is also a subsequent charge for driving while under a suspended license when that individual’s license is suspended for a DUI. An individual may typically incur a driving while on a suspended license or an operator’s license charge. Driving without or on a suspended license is a class 1 misdemeanor, involving 12 months of jail and a $2,500 fine.

If the person is charged on a suspended license and their license is suspended for DUI-related reasons for a third or subsequent time, that normal class 1 misdemeanor becomes a class 6 felony. An individual may have one DUI, be charged with one DUI, and be convicted of it. Accused individuals are recommended to call an accomplished attorney to learn what to expect from criminal allegations.

If a person is continuing to be caught driving while on a suspended license because of that DUI, they could ultimately open themselves up to being convicted or at a minimum be charged with a felony offense for simply driving without the state’s permission.

Call a New Kent DUI Without a License Lawyer for Advice

It is important that a person not drive until they get a license if their license is suspended or they do not have one. If an individual is caught driving or gets a DUI, they should not operate any motor vehicle until after they get their license back. A person caught driving with a suspended license for DUI reasons could face a felony conviction, which could take away their rights to vote and may lead to other penalties. Reach out to an New Kent DUI without a license lawyer to learn your rights.