DUI Classes in New Kent

When someone is convicted of a DUI, they may face consequences and penalties. Many times a judge will order someone to attend DUI classes in New Kent. These classes are focused on improving someone’s driving skills, informing them of the dangers of drinking and driving, and providing counseling. A person gets to sit there and watch videos, do counseling, and go to groups all about the dangers of alcohol and the dangers of driving while impaired. If convicted of a DUI, then the DUI classes in New Kent like VASAP and alcohol classes are all going to be mandatory.

If you are convicted of a DUI, and the judge decides that you need to attend an alcohol education program, then the DUI classes in New Kent are going to be mandatory. It is essential that you have a DUI lawyer who can ensure that the program is right for you.

Alcohol Education Programs

There are DUI or alcohol programs in New Kent. The biggest one that a person is going to see is the Tri-River ASAP organization that actually serves in a lot of countries. They offer a litany of not only alcohol education classes but driver improvement classes, intervention interview classes, and reckless classes as well.

Most of the time, these DUI classes in New Kent are mandatory. If an individual is convicted of a DUI in the State of Virginia, New Kent included, under the Virginia Code Section 18.2-266, 18.2-270, a person is going to be required to enter the Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP) through their probation, and that is not something a judge could suspend. That is not something that a judge can waive.

Government Run Program

It is a governmental entity, but what normally happens is an individual report to probation. Probation reports an individual to the Tri-River ASAP. Now, from the Tri-River ASAP, there are different programs offered directly through Tri-River. However, at that very same token, Tri-River does contract to different companies for different services.

There may be a substance abuse services that may be offered through a commonwealth charity or another private organization that render services to Tri-River ASAP, but everything is done through Tri-River ASAP.

Online Courses

Online courses are available everywhere. Generally speaking, judges throughout the commonwealth and in New Kent do not look to online DUI courses as a reliable source of information.

While there are definitely DUI online classes that exist, for the purposes of the court in New Kent, it is important that an individual goes to either the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program or an individual goes to at least some form of sit-down group therapy classes, whether it be ASAP, AA, or whatever the case may be, to benefit a person the most when appearing to court.

Traffic School After a DUI

An individual can offer to go to a traffic school after a DUI. Alcohol educational programs are different from traffic school because the person is learning more about traffic laws and regulations.

However, when a person goes to a DUI educational program, the focus is going to be primarily on DUI, the effects of DUI can have on an individual, the effects that DUI can have on others, why an individual should not, of course, drink and drive, and the ways to recognize when a person may be over the limit.