Hopewell Gun Lawyer

Guns have the ability instill fear in communities, including in Hopewell. The United States is currently faced with a very negative gun culture, which is why prosecutors take gun crimes very seriously and prosecute them aggressively.

Due to this aggressive prosecution and the serious penalties that come with a conviction for gun charges, it is very important to retain a Hopewell gun lawyer when facing these types of charges. An experienced defense attorney can provide the opportunity to minimize, or possibly even avoid, the potential penalties, and can also use their knowledge of the laws and court in the area as well as their experience in previous cases to build a strong defense and combat the conviction a defendant may be facing.

Types of Offenses

Virginia State Code 18.2-308 prohibits concealing a firearm without a proper permit. Most Hopewell ordinances relate to carrying a concealed firearm or transporting firearms.

Common gun offenses occur when an individual conceals a firearm without a proper permit or when an individual, who has been convicted of a felony, whether violent or non-violent, is found in possession of a firearm. When transporting firearms through or in Hopewell, individuals must be knowledgeable of county ordinances and the Virginia Code. During transport, for example, individuals must unload the firearm and keep it in a proper case to prevent any criminal charges from taking place.

The current state of gun culture in the US provides the incentive for law enforcement to be more vigilant of people illegally possessing or transporting guns or firearms. The criminal charges that can result from even simply mishandling a gun or firearm can impact a person’s life in many negative ways making it imperative a gun lawyer in Hopewell is consulted with as soon as possible.


Since gun violence is a significant problem in the United States, gun offenses are taken very seriously and prosecuted aggressively. These penalties can range from 12 months in jail for certain offenses to mandatory five-year minimum sentences for a felony possession of a firearm. In addition, felony gun convictions result in the loss of the right to possess a firearm, meaning if an individual loses his or her right to possess a firearm, he or she faces a felony charge every time he or she acquires a firearm.

These consequences ultimately warrant the attention of a Hopewell gun attorney because they can affect a person’s ability to be employed by certain places, and can negatively impact his or her relationship with family, friends, and even his or her community as a whole.

Benefits of a Hopewell Gun Lawyer

An experienced Hopewell gun lawyer understands the law and local ordinances in the area enabling the attorney to properly prepare the strongest possible defense and, in so doing, fight for an individual’s right to possess a firearm both at the time of the alleged offense and in the future.

If an individual has been charged with a gun-related offense, a private firm has the time and resources necessary to dedicate to his or her case. The lawyers at such a firm have more availability to speak with the individual and have investigators on staff to assist with all aspects of the case. These resources can have a significant impact on the overall quality of defense.