Hopewell Theft Lawyer

One of the most common property crimes for people to be accused of committing in Hopewell is theft. Theft crimes cover a huge spectrum of conduct, though, and so come in a variety of forms. Whether you have been accused of a white collar theft crime like embezzlement, or a more basic theft crime like shoplifting, retaining a skilled attorney can make an outsized difference in the outcome of your case.

A Hopewell theft lawyer can be your best option for beating the charges you are facing. Even in the worst situations, the legal defense that an attorney provides can reduce the charges against you or reduce the penalties of a conviction to something more manageable.

There Are Many Types of Theft Offenses

There are a lot of different kinds of theft offenses in Hopewell. All of them, though, involve the taking of someone else’s property, without their consent, for personal gain. Of course, there are plenty of ways for this to happen. This has led to the wide variety of types of theft. Some of them include:

  • Shoplifting
  • Larceny
  • Embezzlement
  • Bank fraud
  • Check fraud

An important aspect that all theft offenses have in common is something they lack: Force. No theft crime involves force or violence of any kind. While this means that the penalties that come with a conviction for theft are lower than they would be if violence were a part of the purported offense, that does not mean that the repercussions of a theft conviction are trivial.

Having a Hopewell theft lawyer on hand to defend against an accusation of taking someone else’s property without their consent is essential.

Common Penalties for a Theft Conviction

Allegations of theft can lead to either misdemeanor or felony charges, depending on the nature of the alleged offense and the amount that was claimed to have been stolen. However, these penalties tend to fall into certain categories.

A Hopewell theft lawyer can help defendants by working to make sure a possible conviction does not include especially problematic types of consequences.

Some theft offenses, particularly those that implicate a significant amount of money or property, can come with jail time. Misdemeanor offenses can lead to up to a year in jail. Felonies, on the other hand, can carry more than a year behind bars.

Most convictions for a theft offense also come with financial obligations. These include both a fine of several hundred dollars and the payment of restitution to the purported victim of the theft. Restitution involves covering the costs of the implicated property and paying back the purported victim of the crime.

Probation is also a common consequence of a theft conviction. The terms of probation can be quite strict and can prevent prior defendants from pursuing what they want in life. The continual check-ins with a probation officer can be inconvenient, but the risk of missing just one of them can be stressful.

A Hopewell Theft Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights

Being accused of theft is not a small matter. The penalties that could be on the table can be life-altering. Defending against the accusation can be the most important thing that you have ever done in your life.

Hiring a Hopewell theft lawyer to help build your case can be the best move you make. With the legal representation of a theft attorney, you can invoke your rights, challenge the prosecutor’s case, and present evidence of your innocence. Contact a Hopewell theft attorney today to schedule the consultation you need to begin planning your defense against these groundless charges.

Hopewell Theft Lawyer