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Drafted in 1964 to protect the rights of minorities in regards to housing, education, healthcare, and political participation, the Civil Rights Act serves as the legal basis for equality in the country. In the 1970s, an addendum known as Title IX, was introduced to the Act, preventing discrimination in academia, especially gender discrimination in sports.

In general, Title IX serves its purpose, protecting many minorities and women across the country. Unfortunately, Title IX does have its drawbacks, and often, false complaints are filed under Title IX. If you are a student or coach who was charged with violating Title IX rules and regulations, a Henrico County Title IX lawyer may be able to assist you. A well-practiced attorney could help to explain your rights and options.

Title IX and Sexual Harassment

In recent years, social rules regarding sexual and platonic interactions between individuals of the opposite sex and same sex have drastically changed. Most of these changes are for the good of society, and Title IX ensures they are upheld in a collegiate environment.

Title IX strictly prohibits sexual harassment, and both students and coaches who experience sexual harassment have the right to file a complaint against an alleged perpetrator.

Sexual harassment can be challenging to define, but in general, it often consists of the following behaviors:

  • An authority figure exchanges advantages for sexual favors from students.
  • A person makes inappropriate remarks regarding the sexuality or body of another person.
  • A person makes jokes demeaning or intimidating sexual jokes in front of others.
  • A person makes many unwanted advances to another person.
  • A person shows inappropriate sexual imagery to another.

Both law enforcement and academic institutions can punish such behaviors.

Sex Discrimination

Sex discrimination is defined as favoring one sex over the other in a professional, academic, or personal setting. Sex discrimination may involve giving one sex special privileges or advantages not available to the other sex. Since women are disproportionately affected by sex discrimination, most claims include male authority figures, and sometimes, students, discriminating against members of the opposite sex.

Title IX expressly forbids sex discrimination, primarily because it was drafted to prevent such discrimination and even the playing field for female athletes and college students in general.

As with sexual harassment, anyone experiencing sex discrimination has the right to file a complaint against the alleged perpetrator. Often, one student is given “favor” over another because their skills are superior. Such behavior can erroneously be interpreted as sex discrimination.

Title IX Criticisms

Some sports require close contact between the genders, such as basketball, wrestling, boxing, football, and rugby. According to Title IX, male sports teams are not allowed to ban females from joining. Such rules are excellent, but in reality, close contact can often be misconstrued as sexual harassment.

Also, as mentioned previously, treating one person according to their talent level can be mistaken as sex discrimination. For example, if a male player is a better athlete with a superior record, the coach may allow them to participate more than other plays without the same history and skills. If a coach finds themselves at the center of a sexual harassment or discrimination case, they may want to contact a Henrico County Title IX lawyer.

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Title IX can be challenging to understand, but it must be adhered to. Just because a complaint is filed against you does not mean you are guilty. However, if you do not fight back, your career, college education, reputation, and future will be in jeopardy. The stakes are too high not to take legal action.

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