Henrico County Volume Dealer Charges

A volume dealer is usually seen as one that deals with only large amounts or significant amounts of drugs and trafficking. Typically they are looking for someone that is moving drugs not only in a local area but throughout the state and even in the other state. The charges they are looking for are not just simple intent or possession charges, but they’re looking for large amounts of possession.

Law enforcement will look to prove trafficking throughout the area. In most cases these charges involve various state and sometimes federal agencies. These cases come with penalties involving minimum mandatory sentencing that can range anywhere from five years in jail up to life imprison. Call today to consult with a Henrico County drug lawyer about a case.

Law Enforcement and Volume Dealers in Henrico County

Volume dealer charges are actually not that common in Henrico County. However, it’s always a priority for law enforcement as these sorts of charges or convictions bring significant exposure to the area and to the law enforcement. Again, typically volume dealer charges are handled by federal agencies like the DEA or the FBI.

Volume Dealer Investigations

Large volume dealer cases are investigated very similarly to other charges in Henrico County except with high volume charges you’re dealing with multiple agencies from multiple jurisdictions and often involve state and federal agencies working together. In many cases, large volume cases involved confidential informants, undercover officers, and video and audio equipment being used to show the distribution.

Definition of Continuing Criminal Enterprise

A continuing criminal enterprise is a federal offense where law enforcement will show that the individual is committing a series of felony violations and violation of the federal drug laws. A continuing criminal enterprise are acts taken in concert with five or more individuals and as required under the statute, the offender must have been either an organizer, manager, or supervisor of a continuing operation and obtained substantial income or resources from the drug violations.


These cases are different than conspiracy cases in that they involve five or more individuals where a conspiracy case need involve two or more. In addition, continuing enterprise cases involve penalties that are significantly higher and can come with the twenty-year minimum mandatory sentence if convicted.

Importance of Experienced Henrico County Legal Representation

It is a requirement that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney on a case like this. The charges are such that if you’re convicted it can result in life in prison, so it’s simply foolish to not obtain experienced counsel. You need an attorney that has experience handling these sorts of cases and can aggressively challenge the states or the federal government’s evidence and challenge the testimony of their witnesses. You’re also going to want an attorney that can negotiate with the prosecutors to try and find a resolution if need be to get the charge reduced or dismissed if possible.