Henrico County Drug Trafficking Lawyer

While virtually any criminal offense related to possessing, selling, distributing, or making large quantities of a controlled substance is a serious felony offense, drug trafficking allegations are unique in that they can be prosecuted by multiple government bodies at once. Even if someone is acquitted of violating state laws for drug trafficking, they could still face life-altering sanctions at the federal level.

For this reason and many others, contesting drug trafficking allegations is not something you should try to do without support from a seasoned drug defense attorney. It is best to find a lawyer with a track record of handling similar situations successfully in the past. Once retained, your knowledgeable Henrico County drug trafficking lawyer could provide the custom-tailored support you might need to defend your rights during any criminal proceedings.

Drug Trafficking as a State-Level Offense

It is important to emphasize that drug trafficking is different from drug manufacturing, distribution, or sale, since it specifically entails transporting controlled substances across state lines for the purposes of selling or distributing them later. According to Code of Virginia § 18.2-248.01, trafficking five pounds or more of marijuana, one ounce or more of cocaine or any components or derivatives thereof, or one ounce or more of any Schedule I or Schedule II substance into the Commonwealth from another state or country is an unclassified felony offense. There are unique penalties established under the same statute.

First-Time and Subsequent Offenses

A first-time offender convicted under this statute would face a minimum sentence of five years in state prison up to a maximum 40-year term with three years being ineligible for suspension, as well as a fine of $1,000,000 maximum.

Second and subsequent convictions are punishable by a mandatory minimum ten-year prison term in addition to the previously-mentioned penalties, and which must be served consecutively with any sentences passed down for related distribution or manufacturing convictions.

Furthermore, anyone convicted of drug trafficking may be subject to having all property and assets deemed by law enforcement to be related to trafficking activities confiscated and sold to benefit state law enforcement agencies. A Henrico County drug trafficking attorney could explain how these cases tend to proceed during a private consultation.

Federal Drug Trafficking Charges in Henrico County

Federal drug trafficking laws cover every controlled substance in Schedules I through V, with the penalties ranging substantially depending on the specific substance(s) involved. Like with the state-level offense, individuals convicted of drug trafficking for a second or subsequent time at the federal level may be subject to enhanced prison time, as well as steeper monetary fines.

It should also be noted that constitutional protections against “double jeopardy” prohibit a state government or the federal government for prosecuting someone on the same charges twice. It does not, however, prohibit the federal government from prosecuting someone for violating federal law at the same time they violated state law, or vice versa. The potential for two sets of charges is why a defendant in Henrico County should consult a drug trafficking lawyer for their defense.

Call and Learn How a Henrico County Drug Trafficking Attorney Could Help

No matter what led to drug trafficking charges being levied against you, the steps you take in the next few weeks and months could have a major impact on your future. The most important step of all is ensuring you do not try to fight your case against state or federal prosecutors without help from a knowledgeable and tenacious legal professional.

A capable Henrico County drug trafficking lawyer could be your ally and help construct a viable defense in court. Call today to schedule a meeting.