Hanover Speeding Lawyer

Being ticketed for speeding can be costly. In addition to fines, other consequences could include points being added to your driving record and a potential increase your car insurance premium. A Hanover speeding lawyer could help you deal with speeding tickets and work to obtain the best possible result for you.

A dedicated traffic lawyer could be especially beneficial to drivers who are not from the area or are even from out of state. In such cases, an attorney could possibly appear in court on the driver’s behalf if the driver is unable to return for a court date to fight the ticket.

Determining Speed

The law outlines the different ways in which a driver’s speed might be determined by law enforcement officers. If any of the methods officers are legally authorized to use indicate that a driver is driving above the maximum speed limit, officers could issue a speeding ticket. If the driver is driving excessively above the speed limit, reckless driving charges could potentially be imposed.

There are four primary methods by which officers are authorized to determine a driver’s speed. Those four methods include:

  • Radar
  • Laser speed device
  • Microcomputer device connected to an odometer cable
  • Microcomputer device on an airplane or helicopter

Speed Limit Laws and Regulations in Hanover

Hanover laws and regulations pertaining to speed limits, speeding, and other traffic-related topics are covered in the motor vehicles title of the Code of Virginia under the chapter on the regulation of traffic. There, maximum speed limits on various types of roadways and for various types of vehicles are outlined, as well as exceptions to those maximum speeds.

Signs indicating the maximum speed limit on a given roadway will often be posted, but drivers are still expected to be familiar with the appropriate driving speed even if there are no speed limit signs.

According to traffic regulations, the general maximum speed limit in Hanover and throughout the state of Virginia is 55 miles per hour on highways for passenger vehicles and motorcycles, and 45 miles per hour for other types of vehicles. The maximum speed limit in business districts and residential areas is 25 miles per hour. A Hanover speeding lawyer could provide additional details regarding the maximum speed limits for other types of roads and areas.

Sanctions for Speeding

The sanctions for speeding in Hanover could vary depending on the nature of the situation. For example, exceeding the maximum speed limit in certain areas, such as school zones or areas where roadwork is being done, could result in more severe penalties than speeding on a divided highway, for instance.

In general, when a speeding ticket is issued, it is usually associated with a fine. Additionally, points could be added to a person’s driving record. Accumulating an excessive number of speeding tickets or a high number of points on the driving record could potentially result in one’s driver’s license being suspended or revoked.

Speak with a Hanover Speeding Attorney

If you have accumulated multiple speeding tickets, a Hanover speeding lawyer could help you with your situation. Attempting to resolve the situation on your own could make it more difficult to achieve the best result possible.

A lawyer for speeding could help you fight your speeding tickets and work to minimize the potential legal sanctions. Speak with a Hanover speeding attorney about your situation today.

Hanover Speeding Lawyer