Speed Reading Instruments in Hanover

Speed reading instruments in Hanover are the main catalyst for drivers being issued a speeding ticket. Although these instruments are heavily relied on to catch people speeding, they do not come without fault. As a result, drivers who have been issued a ticket due to the findings of this result should look into the opportunity of citing the device’s shortcomings as a defense. However, to effectively use this argument, it is recommended to get in touch with an experienced speeding attorney today. A lawyer familiar with speed reading instruments in Hanover could review the circumstances of your case and advise you on how to defend yourself.

How Could an Officer Prove the Speed of an Individual?

There are various ways in which officers could record the speed of a person’s vehicle. For example, officers typically use a moving radar and a stationary radar to determine a person’s speed. However, most officers find themselves in situations where they are pacing a person’s vehicle. When pacing, the officer can only follow a vehicle for a certain amount of time. During this window, they would try to keep their car equidistant from the other person’s vehicle and note their speed while behind them.

Common Issues with Speed-Reading Devices

When challenging the validity of a speeding offense, there are various arguments the defense could raise. For example, one issue they could bring up is whether the speed-reading device was properly calibrated. If the device is not calibrated, it may not be able to provide an accurate reading of speeding. As a result, using this argument could cause the court to dismiss a case if it is discovered that the device was not calibrated.

In other cases, the device could have picked up the wrong vehicle, making the issue a matter of identity. Even if the speed is correct, if the officer did not pull over the right vehicle, the case could also be dismissed.

Common Myths About Speed Reading Instruments in Hanover County

One of the biggest myths about speed reading instruments is that the officer is required to show the speeding driver how fast they are going, and that the driver should have known about their speed to be found guilty of speeding or reckless driving. This type of argument is likely not to carry much weight in a courtroom. It is up to the driver to know their speed, and if for some reason they do not know their speed or there is some issue with their speedometer that does not allow them to gauge their speed, it is up to the driver to fix that issue.

Schedule a Consultation to Learn More

To learn more about speed reading instruments in Hanover, schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable attorney today. By speaking with an attorney, you would have a better idea of how these devices are used and what their faults are. If you have been wrongly issued a ticket for speeding, a lawyer could also take the time to review your case and determine whether the device that caught you speeding was faulty in any way. Call today to get started on reviewing your case.

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