Hanover Prescription Drug Lawyer

Possession of prescription drug offenses are taken very seriously by the Hanover police and by local prosecutors. While it may seem innocuous or even a mistake to carry old prescriptions, the penalties can be as high as 10 years in jail and a felony conviction. With this in mind, it is important to consult with a Hanover prescription drug lawyer to mitigate the damage and build a strong defense. An experienced drug attorney will take into account all of the relevant evidence, including your knowledge of possession, and work towards the best possible outcome.

Drug Arrests

Prescription drugs on their face are not illegal, however, they are also not easily distinguishable from non-prescription, over the counter drugs.  This can create difficulties when pursuing a prescription drug case that is different from other types of drug cases. Many issues may arise throughout the investigative process starting with the initial stop and seizure, and when determining what types of drugs or prescriptions the individual in question may have on them.

An individual can be arrested for having their own prescription drugs on them, if the individual cannot show that the drugs they possess are prescribed. In order to effectuate a lawful arrest, officers will need probable cause that crime is afoot. Unfortunately, however, possessing a prescription drug without a valid prescription present can create probable cause for an arrest and charge thereby warranting contact with a prescription drug lawyer in Hanover.

Expectations in Court

Courts treat prescription drug cases with the same fervor, zeal, and seriousness as any other felony drug possession case. Possession of prescription drugs is considered a serious offense in Hanover, VA. Depending on the drug, the penalty can be as much as 10 years in jail with a felony conviction or as low as a simple fine. 

The evidence presented in prescription drug cases include but are not limited to the officer’s testimony, contraband seized, statements from the accused, laboratory analysis of the substance, and copies of prescriptions if  they are available. Occasionally, with certain factual scenarios, expert witnesses can be called to testify about the prescription drugs in question.

Common Mistakes

There are a number of important steps an individual can take to avoid being charged with prescription drug possession. The first is to always keep prescriptions in their bottle and refrain from putting prescriptions together across multiple bottles if possible. It is also important to keep the labels on the prescription bottles and to throw away any old prescription bottles as well as outdated or expired drugs.  Following these rules can protect you from having to go through the process of being mistakenly accused of possessing not prescribed drugs and having to fight for your liberties in court with a Hanover prescription drug attorney.

Importance of an Attorney

It is important to have a Hanover prescription drug attorney by your side whenever accused of possessing an illegal substance, such as prescription drugs not prescribed to you. An attorney will investigate the case to determine your best defense, as well as research any constitutional violations that may have occurred in the investigative and arrest process. A lawyer can help protect you throughout the process and in the courtroom and will understand how particular judges and prosecutors pursue a case while working to build a defense tailored to the nuances of the circumstances as well as the prosecutor and judge.