Hanover Drug Lawyer

Drug possession is a serious charge in Hanover. The penalties can range from a simple misdemeanor all the way to a Class five felony. No matter what level of crime and penalties a person is facing, it is vital to consult with a local Hanover drug lawyer to discuss these charges. The experience and knowledge of an attorney will help guide an accused individual through the legal process and provide them with some peace of mind.

Some drug crimes are more serious than others, however. The main factor in determining the seriousness of the charge is the schedule of the substance someone allegedly possessed. Other factors can include but are not limited to: the possession of multiple drugs, the possession of firearms with drugs, the quantity of the drug, and the criminal history of the accused.

Drug Enforcement in Hanover

Drug possession is a priority of law enforcement not only in Hanover but all over the state. Police officers have a special interest in ridding the city of schedule one and schedule two substances. These include substances such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and even some prescription drugs when possessed without a valid prescription. If someone is caught with a large amount of controlled substances, they may be charged with possession with intent to distribute.

Building a Defense

In every possession case, there are four stages that the attorney might look to the challenge: the stop, the seizure, the search, and the substance. A strong defense is built around investigating the constitutional and factual issues surrounding those stages.

If it appears that the prosecution will be successful, despite the defenses raised, a Hanover drug attorney might look to negotiate for alternative sentencing programs, especially for first-time drug offenders. There is a first offender program codified in Virginia that gives individuals charged with a first offense a chance to complete probation, community service, and other conditions of the court to have the matter dismissed.

Constitutional Issues

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution protects everyone from illegal searches and seizures. Almost all drug cases involve some form of search and seizure and so this amendment is present in nearly every drug case.

Mistakes to Avoid

The two biggest mistakes a person can make when dealing with a drug case are apathy and assumptions. Drug charges should be taken very seriously. A single misstep can lead to a conviction and jail time, and these can happen when an individual assumes anything about drug possession cases. Comb through the details and learn everything about that case. Always follow up, always stay focused on what these individual points are, and do not be apathetic or assume anything that will lead down the wrong path.

Importance of an Experienced Hanover Drug Possession Lawyer

Drug cases can be complicated because they can involve many elements and constitutional issues. There are many things that the average person charged with a drug crime might not know about the defense and case process. It is important for them to contact an experienced drug possession attorney in Hanover early to help protect their interests and their rights, and to ensure that they don’t make any major mistakes before they have the chance for a consultation.