Hanover Theft Lawyer

Anytime anything is taken from an individual or a business with the intent to permanently deprive the possessor of that item it is considered theft under Virginia law. While there a wide range of theft charges, all can end up having a significant impact on the lives of those who are accused. For this reason, it is imperative if you are charged with any type of theft you consult with a Hanover theft lawyer immediately to begin building a defense. A defense attorney in Hanover can prepare those accused of what to expect and ensure that a strong defense is put forward. To learn more, call and schedule a consultation today.

Types of Theft Charges

The separate charges that are considered theft are larceny, either petit or grand, robbery, as well as any kind of a fraud charge. Some examples of theft are using false pretenses to get property or money, as well as concealment, which means hiding and concealing an item from a store with intent to make it your own and permanently deprive that store of that item before exiting the store with it.


There are numerous consequences of a theft charge both long and short term based on what the specific offense is and what the value of the items taken are. Penalties can range from a fine to almost 20 years in jail, depending on the type of theft offense a person has been charged with. The serious penalties associated with these charges makes it imperative those charged consult with a theft lawyer in Hanover immediately.

Misdemeanor Penalties

Misdemeanor theft charges can range from no time in jail to a maximum penalty of 12 months in jail, as well as no fine to a maximum fine of $2,500. That fine will not include the court costs or any restitution ordered to make the victim whole. Furthermore, the court can also impose a suspended jail sentence based upon a number of conditions including the payment of restitution.

If you do not pay the restitution in the time given by the court, you could be looking at not only violations or show causes from the court, but also more time on the underlying charge, and new charges for violating a court order.

Felony Theft Penalties

With felony theft charges, you could face fines up to $2,500 plus restitution and court cost. You can also face up to 20 years in jail making it extremely important that a Hanover theft attorney is contacted as soon as possible.

Impact of a Conviction

A theft conviction can destroy your credibility and be used against you should you ever have to appear in court again. In addition, once that charge is on your record it may be more difficult to get a job. A lot of employers, from fast food to financial institutions, conduct criminal background checks and companies do not like to hire individuals that they think may steal from the company.

Furthermore, in Virginia, there is something called a compound felony. This means that after two misdemeanor larceny convictions, every subsequent misdemeanor larceny charge can be a felony. That felony petit larceny carries with it an additional five years in jail and a $2500 fine.

Benefit of a Hanover Theft Lawyer

The main reason that you are going to want to hire an experienced Hanover theft attorney is because all theft charges are taken seriously, regardless of whether it is a petty theft, which is a class one misdemeanor, or grand larceny which can carry heavy penalties. As a result, it is important to fight this charge as hard as possible to avoid as much of the consequences as possible.