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The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits ethnic minorities and other marginalized citizen groups from discrimination in housing, education, and employment. In the 1970s, Title IX was added to the Act to ensure increased equality in education, especially concerning college sports. Title IX was initially added to prevent gender discrimination on college campuses across the United States. A student defense lawyer may further explain the types of discrimination.

Title IX applies to educational institutions at all levels, including elementary, middle, and high schools, and any other school receiving funding from the federal government. Contrary to popular belief, Title IX applies not only to schools themselves, but students as well, and if your child has been charged with violating the Act, you may want to contact a Fredericksburg Title IX lawyer for legal assistance.

Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination Under Title IX

Title IX explicitly prohibits both gender discrimination and sexual harassment. It allows students, coaches, and any other staff member to file charges against an alleged perpetrator. Unfortunately, Title IX is often a double-edged sword. It prohibits gender discrimination, but when two genders are allowed to play the same sport, misunderstandings can naturally occur.

Female coaches may also file a complaint if they believe they are paid less than male coaches when a discrepancy in pay could be due to a plethora of reasons.

When a court analyzes a Title IX sexual harassment claim, it will consider whether the claimant is a disgruntled student-athlete or employee. Title IX does not require schools to create two gender-segregated teams for each sport, so male and female students must play on the same team; sometimes, even those involving close physical contact.

Sexual harassment claims are most likely to be filed against students engaged in close-contact sports such as wrestling, football, boxing, and basketball.

In the past, most courts have found more coaches and individuals acting in positions of authority guilty than student-athletes. This is mainly because when a coach makes an inappropriate remark to a student, it tends to be overheard by multiple individuals.

What Counts as Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment accusations arise for a variety of reasons. In general, the following behaviors are considered acts of sexual harassment:

  • Making unwanted advances to a person.
  • Making inappropriate remarks about the body or sexuality of another person.
  • Blackmailing or punishing a person for refusing sexual advances
  • Discussing sexual matters in front of another person

Title IX punishes sexual harassment more harshly when it occurs alongside gender discrimination.

Other Minority Protections

When most people think of Title IX, they think of sporting activities. Such thoughts are understandable, but in reality, Title IX provides minority protections in a wide array of collegiate activities, such as:

  • Sex education
  • Music classes
  • Physical education
  • Clubs and extracurricular activities

If a student is charged with violating Title IX, they will more than likely need help from a seasoned Fredericksburg Title IX lawyer. A seasoned lawyer could help them better understand the charges they are facing as well as the legal options they have. Title IX has numerous parts, and if a student does not have a firm understanding of the law, they may jeopardize their future.

Consult a Fredericksburg Title IX Attorney

If you or your child is accused of violating Title IX, you may be frustrated and afraid. Such feelings are common, but you must take the time to clear your name and obtain the justice you deserve. No one should ever be accused of something they did not do, especially when an accusation can ruin the future of a student.

Consult a Fredericksburg Title IX lawyer now if you believe you have a case.

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