Dinwiddie Robbery Lawyer

If you are facing robbery charges, legal help is available. You do not have to fight these charges on your own. A Dinwiddie robbery lawyer could represent you during all legal proceedings and fight on your behalf.

With a skilled theft attorney on your side, there could be someone advocating for you and safeguarding your legal rights. Additionally, a lawyer for robbery cases could work to obtain the best possible legal outcome for you.

The Role of Your Robbery Attorney

An attorney for robbery in Dinwiddie could help a person facing robbery charges in several different ways. In addition to providing legal representation, a robbery attorney could also defend a person against robbery charges, protect that person’s due process rights, and fight for an optimal resolution to the situation.

An attorney could also answer specific legal questions and explain the possible penalties in the event of a conviction or guilty plea.

Laws Prohibiting Robbery in Dinwiddie

Under Virginia law, robbery is classified as a crime against a person as opposed to a crime against property or public order, for example. Section 18.2-58 of the Code of Virginia specifically addresses the crime of robbery and states that robbery involves the use of force or the threat of force against a person while attempting to steal something from that same person.

Even if no physical harm is inflicted upon the alleged victim(s), simply inducing a fear of serious bodily harm through the use of threats is sufficient to constitute robbery.

The law describes several examples of either the use of or threat of force that would elevate a simple theft offense, which is a crime against property, to the more serious crime of robbery.

Such force or threats of force could include attempting to suffocate or strangle a person; hitting, beating, or striking a person; as well as brandishing a firearm or other deadly weapon during the alleged robbery.

A Dinwiddie robbery lawyer could answer specific questions regarding state laws prohibiting robbery.

Robbery Penalties

In Dinwiddie, and throughout the state of Virginia, robbery is classified as a felony crime. Felony crimes carry more serious penalties upon conviction versus misdemeanor offenses. Under the law, the crime of robbery is punishable by a prison term of five years to life in a state correctional facility.

The exact term of incarceration imposed on an individual who is either convicted or pleads guilty could depend on the circumstances of the offense, as well as whether or not there are prior convictions for the same offense.

For example, the specific type of robbery referred to as carjacking, which involves taking another person’s vehicle by force and/or violence, is associated with a minimum prison term of 15 years in a state correctional facility, with a maximum term of life in prison.

A lawyer for robbery in Dinwiddie could provide more details regarding the possible penalties associated with the specific robbery charges a person is facing.

Speaking with a Dinwiddie Robbery Attorney

Trying to deal with robbery charges and navigate the legal system on your own can be difficult, as well as intimidating. Additionally, you might be uncertain how to best defend yourself against the charges. Fortunately, you do not need to face robbery charges on your own.

A robbery lawyer could assist you with your case by providing legal representation, preparing an appropriate defense to the specific charges being faced, and fighting for the best outcome possible. Speak with a Dinwiddie robbery lawyer about your case today.

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