Colonial Heights DUI Group Therapy

For many people accused of a DUI, part of the sentence involves court-ordered therapy or substance abuse treatment. This is meant to help the individual overcome any underlying issues that may have lead to the DUI. However, similar options are available to people even without a court order. In some cases, seeking treatment on your own before the trial could make a positive impression on the judge.

If you were charged with a DUI, you should discuss Colonial Heights DUI group therapy with an experienced defense attorney. Taking an active role in treatment could show the court you have good intentions and ultimately lead to a better outcome in your case. Reach out to a lawyer today to discuss your options

DUI Group Therapy

Colonial Heights DUI group therapy activities are available through VASAP and private companies. Group therapy gives an individual an opportunity to sit down and work with people going through the same and similar types of circumstances and situations. Studies have shown that when someone is dealing with any kind of adversity, it is helpful and beneficial to know that they are not going through it alone and that there are others dealing with the same types of issues and struggles. To hear success stories from other people who have been through it assists with recovery.

Some of the DUI group discussion topics include, but are not limited to, the nature of substance abuse and the underlying reason for the substance abuse. They also discuss the negative impacts of the abuse and how that impacts somebody’s life, health, and family. Not only does it impact their physical health, but also their social life and the life around them.

Victim Impact Panels

If the individual being charged with a DUI is also charged with killing or harming someone, the Commonwealth may use a victim impact panel. These panels are normally made up of family members of people who died at the hands of drunk drivers. Depending on the situation, the panel could be used as a teaching tool to individuals in a class or as victim impact statements in a DUI trial.

In trial, the Commonwealth may use victim impact statements at sentencing. This allows those who suffered at the hands of the defendant to have their “day in court,” and the judge could take that into consideration in sentencing. In Virginia, once someone is convicted of a certain number of DUIs, a part of the fine that an individual is ordered to pay has to go to the victims of DUIs.

Speak to a Colonial Heights DUI Attorney About Your Options

If you were accused of a DUI, you should seek the services of an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. A dedicated lawyer could begin working towards a positive outcome in your case immediately. Even before you appear in court, an attorney could help you get enrolled in Colonial Heights DUI group therapy or take other positive steps in preparation for trial. Call today to schedule a case review.

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