Colonial Heights Conspiracy to Distribute Drugs Attorney

There are several unique aspects of a conspiracy to distribute drugs case. For example, these types of cases involve little to no evidence showing that someone distributed drugs. If a person is charged with conspiracy, they are being accused of planning to distribute or sell drugs in the near future. Additionally, in order for a person to commit conspiracy, the offense must include at least two people.

If you have been formally accused with planning to sell or distribute illegal drugs or prescriptions, it may be wise to hire the services of a trusted criminal attorney. A Colonial Heights conspiracy to distribute drugs attorney could speak with you about the facts of your case, negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf, and work towards getting you the most favorable result possible. To get started on your case, or to schedule a consultation, call today.

Conspiracy to Distribute Drugs vs Distributing Drugs in Colonial Heights

Drug conspiracy charges are not as serious as the actual distribution, but they are still serious charges. If a person is convicted of conspiring to sell drugs, they could be convicted of a Class Five felony, which carries up to ten years in jail and a fine of $2,500. On the other hand, the completed act of distribution would carry a maximum penalty of 40 years in jail with the application of a mandatory minimum.

Proving a Drug Distribution Conspiracy Case

In a drug conspiracy case, prosecutors in Colonial Heights need to prove that one or more persons had a conversation about distribution. In addition, it must be proven that the involved individuals agreed to commit the act. Law enforcement usually obtains this information from an undercover officer who has direct knowledge of the agreement, or informants looking to provide information in exchange of a plea deal. No matter the case, this type of criminal accusation should be handled by a Colonial Heights conspiracy to distribute drugs attorney. With their help, accused individuals may be able to build a defense which could mitigate the charges made against them.

Evidence Commonly Presented in a Drug Conspiracy Case

A few examples of things that Colonial Heights courts accept as evidence of intent in drug conspiracy to distribute cases are testimonial evidence of the individual to show that they were intending to distribute it, the presence of multiple drugs to show an intent to distribute, the presence of other items, such as firearms, to prove an intent to distribute, the presence of other items such as cutting agents, large amounts of cash, firearms, bullets, baking soda, different types of contraband possessed at once, and money in certain denomination. In distribution cases, actual distribution is not needed for intent, because in a distribution they are selling the thing. They just want to use their statements or the statements of others, testimony, to prove that they actually did the selling of the thing and that they knew what it was.

Qualities to Look for in a Colonial Heights Drug Conspiracy to Distribute Attorney

When it comes to finding a lawyer to represent them in a distribution case or a possession with intent to distribute case, charged person should want to find an attorney who has experience dealing with drug-related cases.

A Colonial Heights drug conspiracy lawyer has possesses the tools necessary for mitigating the charges made against you. To learn more about how an attorney could help, be sure to schedule a consultation today.

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