Colonial Heights Drug Distribution Lawyer

Being charged with a drug-related offense is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. Failing to take the appropriate legal action could cause accused individuals to incur serious penalties that could have a harsh impact on their immediate future.

If you have been accused of distributing illegal substances, find it in your best interest to speak with a knowledgeable criminal attorney. A Colonial Heights drug distribution lawyer could review the circumstances of your case and inform you of your legal options.

Severity of a Drug Distribution Charge in Colonial Heights

Due to the elements of a drug distribution offense, it is usually taken more seriously than a possession charge. In a drug possession case, the defendant is often viewed with sympathy, empathy, and/or a willingness to work with them because it could be argued that the accused fell prey to the disease of addiction.

However, when dealing with a distribution or possession with intent to distribute case, rarely is it a situation in which the Commonwealth views the defendant as somebody who has a problem with drugs. They view them as somebody who preys on individuals who have fallen prey to the sickness of addiction. They are going to lose a lot of the sympathy and empathy that comes with somebody charged with simple possession when dealing with distribution, because somebody is looking to profit.

Factors that Could Aggravate a Drug Distribution Charge

Some aggravating factors that increase the severity of a drug distribution charge are the amount, the type, and the presence of firearms. As far as what is possessed, it is whether it is a Schedule 1, Schedule 2, Schedule 3 or Schedule 4. The schedule of the substance is always going to be aggravating, which could increase or decrease in severity as well as the things possessed alongside with the drugs, like whether there are firearms. The amount of the drug could also impact the circumstances of the offense.

Constitutional Issues Seen in Drug Distribution Cases

One of the more common constitutional issues seen in a drug distribution case involve the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. The Fourth Amendment is known to come up in these types of cases since it protects citizens from unlawful searches in seizures. Some attorneys may examine the method by which law enforcement arrested an individual and try to determine whether the arrest person was subject to illegal arresting practices.

The Fifth Amendment protects a person’s right to remain silent. Law enforcement is known to extract as much information from the arrest person as possible in order to incriminate them from the offense. However, if law enforcement obtained incriminating statements from the defendant using unlawful strategies, then the prosecution may find it difficult to convict the accused person.

Benefits of Hiring a Colonial Heights Drug Distribution Attorney

When a person is accused of committing an offense related to drug distribution, they should hire an attorney who has dealt with similar cases in the past. With the help of a Colonial Heights drug distribution lawyer, you may be able to build a convincing defense using their knowledge and experience with drug-related cases.

To learn more about the different defense strategies you could adopt to your case, or to learn more about the consequences of a conviction, be sure to schedule a consultation today.

Colonial Heights Drug Distribution Lawyer