Caroline County Traffic Charge Defenses

Every traffic charge is different, so an individual’s defense strategy is going to change depending on what the charge is. An attorney must look at every case and determine both what and where an individual wants to challenge the officer or the Commonwealth.

To properly defend a Caroline County traffic charge, an individual must be sure to disclose any relevant information to their attorney. With all the information available an experienced traffic lawyer in Caroline County can help build an effective defense strategy to help lessen or dismiss any potential penalties associated with the charge.

Understanding the Infraction

The first question an attorney is going to ask an individual is whether or not the person was driving or operating the vehicle in question. If the person was not the one driving the vehicle, then mistakes can be made by officers depending on what the charge or infraction is. This information can be used by an attorney to properly defend a Caroline County traffic charge.

Then, a lawyer can challenge the authority of the officers claiming that the infraction has occurred. An attorney can determine if the officer saw the infraction happen or if a third party witness observed the infraction. A lawyer will question whether or not the person did what they are alleged to have done.

To build a proper defense strategy against a Caroline County traffic charge, an individual must look at the basis of the infraction or charge to challenge the actual charge itself.

Building a Defense

If an individual is looking at a speeding ticket, a speeding infraction, or a reckless driving charge, an attorney will determine whether a radar was used to bring forward the charge or whether it was a pacing situation. An experienced attorney can help properly defend the charge depending on the specific elements of the Caroline County traffic charge.

If it is a driving with a suspended or revoked license charge, an individual may be able to challenge the revocation or the suspension.

Driving schools may also be used as part of a defense strategy in a Caroline County traffic case. An attorney can put a person in a position as to where, even if they may be guilty, a lawyer can negotiate in order to keep the points off the person’s license and to keep the infraction off of a person’s license as well.

Avoiding the Charge

In Caroline County, a lot of individuals are passing through on their way in and out of DC. It is important for these individuals to slow down on the highway. If a person gets pulled over in Caroline County, it is critical that they hire an experienced attorney who is going to be able to help a person in that particular city.

A lot of matters are going through the traffic court in Caroline County, so if a person is not ready to protect themselves, they can wind up with a lot of points on their license. They may also have their license suspended. To avoid such penalties and build a strong defense against a Caroline County traffic charge, contact an experienced lawyer immediately.

Challenging the Evidence

When an individual is challenging a license suspension as a result of a traffic charge, or driving on a suspended license, an attorney will first want to ensure that there was actual driving that occurred when the officer made the stop.

Secondly, an attorney should challenge the suspension itself. It may seem obvious, but an attorney will first determine whether the person was actually suspended. Sometimes, the officers will charge an individual with a suspended license when their license is not actually suspended.

If they have been suspended, a lawyer should check the basis of the suspension and whether or not it was done properly. If the license was not suspended properly, then a person cannot be charged with driving on a suspended license.

Lastly, there is the notice element of driving on suspended license. If a person is not told by the DMV, the court, the police, a detective, or some person of authority that their license is suspended, the individual may not know that their license is suspended. This individual cannot then get in trouble for a suspended license because they did not have the requisite intent to drive with a suspended license. They were under the impression that their license was valid. This is a key element to challenge whenever an individual is driving on a suspended license.