How and When to Contact a Criminal Lawyer in Richmond

Below, a Richmond criminal defense attorney discusses when you should consult with legal representation. For any questions regarding the criminal process or to seek legal counsel schedule a free consultation by calling today.

If I Tell An Officer That I Want to Speak With An Attorney, Does That Imply Guilt?

No, not at all. You are asserting your Fifth Amendment right.  Most officers understand what you’re doing. They may make a statement to you like “Why do you want to speak to an attorney if you have nothing to hide?” And unfortunately, we hear that a lot.  But you need to know that they cannot compel you to make a statement and it cannot be held against should you refuse to speak.

Does it Imply Guilt if I Don’t Consent to a Search?

Again, not at all. No, can always refuse to consent to a search. If an office does not have probable cause to search you or your vehicle you are under obligation to grant them permission to search.  In fact in most cases I would recommend you refusing to allow such a search

When Can I Contact An Attorney During the Criminal Process in Richmond?

After you are brought before a magistrate and formally charged you will then be given an opportunity to make a phone call.

Why Is It Important To Seek Counsel When The Police Want to Speak With Me?

The main reason there is to educate yourself on what charges you could be facing, what information the officers could be trying to obtain from you, and how you may benefit from speaking with the police.  You want to avoid making statements that could expose you to further charges and also ensure that statements given in your cooperation are not used against you.

What Are The Most Important Things For Someone to Know if They Are Being Questioned by The Police?

Again, I think the most important thing to know is what type of exposure you’re facing should you provide a statement or answer questions.

Do You Risk Further Criminal Charges?

You need to know what you have to gain by cooperating with the authorities and answering there questions.  Again, the most important thing is understanding what they are seeking and if by answering questions you in turn ending being arrested or facing further charges.

Why Should I Contact a Private Law Office in a Criminal Case?

The main benefit is you get to choose your own attorney. With a public defender, the court is appointing someone and you don’t really have a choice in the matter.

And secondly, in most instances a private attorney can dedicate more time to a particular case.  A private attorney can often provide that specialized service you are looking for.

Other Advantages of a Private Criminal Defense Attorney

A private attorney can often specialize in a particular case like DUI, drugs, etc.  Public defenders are often carrying a very large case load which can sometime mean that they cannot dedicate the time to a case that a client may want. In a lot of cases, a private attorney has more experience and can provide the specialized service they may be seeking