Long Term Impact of DMV Demerit Points in Virginia

If you have been charged or cited for committing a traffic violation in Virginia, you likely had demerit points added onto your license as part of your punishment. In Virginia, these points are used to keep track of a driver’s violations resulting in suspension or revocation if one person incurs too many points in a certain time span.  Yet while these points may seem like a relatively minor punishment, they can have long lasting effects on your privilege to drive.

Below, a Richmond traffic lawyer discusses the long term impact of DMV demerit points in Virginia including the effect it can have on drivers from out of state. To learn more about the point system or to discuss how a charge will impact your license, call today and schedule a free consultation.

What Kind of Long-Term Impact Can Demerit Points Have?

Demerit points can have a very significant impact. If there is a suspension from the DMV and you still need to drive the DMV will require you petition for restricted driving privileges so that you can go to and from work and to and from medical appointments. Additionally, you will be required to get high risk insurance called SR22 insurance which is prohibitively expensive insurance.  Besides these costs and requirements, you will remain under DMV supervision until you 6 months to a year without receiving a ticket.

Does Richmond, Virginia Include Points For Infractions In Other Jurisdictions?

Richmond carries points for infractions from jurisdictions all throughout the state.

If you receive an infraction in Northern Virginia or Western Virginia it carries the same amount of points as the one that you will receive in the city of Richmond. The point system in Virginia is assessed equally throughout the state and through all the jurisdictions in the state.

Does The Uniform Demerit Point System Apply To Out-Of-State Licenses?

It does not apply to out of state licenses, however if there is a conviction issued the Court and the DMV will notify the DMV in that state. For instance if you receive a ticket in Virginia DMV will contact North Carolina or New Jersey regarding the conviction and then your home state will assess points based on how they operate their points system.

Is There Any Way To Challenge The Points Assessed To Your License?

You can’t challenge the points that are assessed unless there is an error in the application or the type of charge that they report. If the points assessed are accurate there is no way to appeal. The only time you can actually appeal it would be if there is an error in the reporting by the clerk’s office at the court or by the DMV and for that you would request an administrative hearing with the DMV.

How Can a Richmond Traffic Lawyer Help?

Well an attorney can help with recommendations to improve your record  but more importantly what an attorney can do is in appear in Court when you receive charges and attempt to challenge the allegation or negotiate an agreement that results in a reduced charge with fewer points or no points at all being reported to DMV. In addition an attorney can also apply to DMV on your behalf for restricted operator’s license if that is needed.

How Does The Uniform Demerit Point System Work?